Noxxic says Crit is Good for PvP, but why?

Why is crit the most important secondary stat in 5.2 Holy Paladin PvP? Several gear choices ahead, and many times when I pick an item with crit, I subtract Spirit and create a smaller gap between my current play and future mana problems. is a trusted site. Should I get crit gear and reforge all secondary stats to spirit, or get spirit gear and reforge secondary stats to crit?

I ask this because I am not HAVING mana problems per se, but I'm definitely at the point where I'm on the verge of that happening as I subtract spirit with these upgrades. I can be up there in heals, and I can even top a BG. In those games, though, I'm riding on low mana in intense fights. Every time I lose spirit, I risk being ineffective in long fights.

Back on point, Noxxic says:

Crit > Spirit > Haste > Mastery

Can Someone explain why crit is so valuable?

An Example of some of the choices I can make is buying a 476 belt with Crit and Mastery, and I reforge mastery into Spirit.


I can buy a 476 belt with Spirit and Haste, and reforge the Haste into Crit.

Some spells make it impossible to crit, Like Denounce, so I am afraid of stackign it so high and facing holy paladins who do this.
The real question is, why are you looking at Noxxic for PvP? Almost all of their PvP information is bunk.
Do you know of a better place?
Wow, does Noxxic really say that? Huh...

Stat priority for PvP is Spirit = Mastery > Crit > Haste for reforging. Gemming is standard resil stacking.
Nevermind, didn't see this was about holy.
Because a number of people find that the absorption shield given by Mastery is mostly ineffectual, compared to an increased chance in dishing out those 150k heals.
The Mastery shield only lasts for 15 seconds unattended, and not everyone is going to benefit from it anyways, because of the less consistent damage that players receive in PvP, unlike in a raid environment, where there is often-times constant raid-wide damage.

I'm pretty sure that you should *always* purchase gear that inherently has Spirit, if possible.
The amount of Spirit you currently have (or at least what your armory shows) is about 3.8k, which is really, really low.
Stacking Crit rating, I have a bit over 7k with full Season 13 Malevolent. People who also stack Crit, but with better gear than mine, often have over 8k or 9k Spirit.

You don't want to go out of your way to reforge into Crit (or Mastery, if you prefer), but you should always reforge out of Haste into Spirit, and then Crit or Mastery. Choose one of those two and roll with it, and see which you prefer more.
ive only now just heard of Noxxic (from other post on Bnet forums) how did you people find that site O.o lol
ive only now just heard of Noxxic (from other post on Bnet forums) how did you people find that site O.o lol

They spam and have banner ads, basically.
03/29/2013 12:51 PMPosted by Cayse
ive only now just heard of Noxxic (from other post on Bnet forums) how did you people find that site O.o lol

They spam and have banner ads, basically.

ahhh Adblock xD
Crit being RNG based, it works "best" in short duration encounters (quick battles). Mastery is more effective over time.

Think about it like this.

30% crit or 30% mastery (rough numbers)

If you cast 10 spells at 100k healing each, the mastery will return 1.3M effective healing. The crit will will return return the same 1.3M (plus your base 12% mastery). Over time, they are essentially equal. Mastery has better returns because it as a higher base % (12% vs 9%~) But keep in mind that Crit is going to double your spells effectiveness on both healing and damage, and that adds on top of your mastery & your pvp power (if any). The returns start stacking up.

With HS (which already has a high base crit chance), and WOG (which you can glyph to Harsh Words) you can start to see the advantages. Since these are instant cast, haste is a non-factor (and since they can be used to self heal, it doesn't hurt us either).

Basically the idea is that you are betting (assuming) on the crits to happen each time rather than not, and don't care about mana consumption (less worried). Mastery approached the problem from the other angle, assuming you want people to stay up as long as possible, vice getting the "burst healing potential maximized."
agree with above. I stack mixture of both mastery and crit to cover short and long battles, but either way, the amt of spirit is determined by type of PvP and whether you are having mana issues - if so, need more spirit.

I use Relic of Chi which procs 3k spirit but otherwise running with 5k base spirit. Works fine but i am not playing high end PvP and you can get under pressure if use FH a lot so depends on playstyle. Stick to instants, EF and HofS as priority

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