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Death Knight
i recently scored a tot 1h, and have always had a regular elegon axe and tried DW frost... regemmed/reforged and just have some questions/concerns about the priority/rotation... from what ive seen its kind of confusing to read... so from what i gather:

KM frost strike
RIME howling blast
KM obliterate with unholy runes up
frost strike at RP cap
howling blast
frost strike

when i use this priority i pull around 70k sustained on the raid dummy... when i use a common sense priority when DWing from looking at the skills/gems/reforges etc, i sim like 90k on the raid dummy... this priority seems kind of overly complex from what i read on EJ, etc...

if so why on earth would anyone want to do that over 2h frost?.. seems like i wasted a lot of gold on gems
better cleave damage. better scaling with gear (historically speaking dw has always scaled better with as you progress). 2h excels at burst and single target fights. anything with adds that need to be cleaved dw is a clear winner. also dw priority really isnt that difficult
It's actually off in how you're listing it

Master Frost is more complicated.

You can't use Target dummy to weight the two though because 2 handed Frost does more solo to a point while DW Frost scales more with the 3k mastery buff from other classes.

Really for DW Frost you do want to obliterate but not as often as you think. Death and Decay should be ahead of Obliterate (Non KM) for single target. Assuming the mob is not going to be moved out of DnD in it's duration it's generally more dps than obliterate if it does not crit. Rime/Freezing Fog "could" proc but the odds is more that it won't just like odds are obliterate will not crit for you.

Obliterate is only really to consume the unholy runes when you have to. Just always remember that it costs you a howling blast to do.
You dont need to FS at RP cap. You can do it whenever. Its better when it procs though.
2H is ahead of DW this tier, and while DW specs in general have usually scaled better, it's harder when the spec is so far behind to begin with :\ They did buff FS supposedly in 5.3, but they also buffed 2H might of the waste (or w/e the hell it's called).

DW Cleave isn't even that hot anymore after they nerfed the damage to cleave targets. Unholy sort of took over that role.

All in all, DW is the worst of the 3, and it's basically falling exactly in line where the early T15Normal/Heroic sims put it at the launch of 5.2.

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