Hit overload

The Fabled Feather spiked my hit to uncomfortably high levels. Everything is forged out the best I can but it isn't near enough. Is my best option to hope for something random to drop that is a sidegrade/upgrade to another hit loaded item or am I better off running a different trinket till my hit is low enough to accommodate the feather?
your best option is to wait it out and replace gear as you go. Once you replace a lot of those 476 it'll even it self out. Also hit sword D:
It depends what your other options are.. but yes. It looks like you'd still actually be a fair bit over cap without the trinket on at all.
Heh, it might be 502 but I'm not convinced the feather is very good at all. No-one needs that much hit, and though the proc is nice Lei Shen's Final Orders and Spark of Zandalar (I am convinced) is a very good trinket combo for rets.
The feather proc is amazing, RPPM is fickle though. Our other ret has had as much as 57% up time on occasion.

Can't wait to get my hands on one.

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