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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Two very talented players looking for the same home and to heal a raid together. We have been attempting to find the home for us on our realm for a long time and have decided to look on other realms. We are two competent well versed players who have both been playing for a long time. We have excellent synergy and together are two healers you can count on.

Unfortunately this expansion has been slow for us and so forth we have little to show. What can be said is that we are both active, dedicated players who won't stand in fire and will always be ahead of what needs to be known and how to execute fights.

We are looking for a 25 man or 10 man guild with preferably 2-3 raid days and interest in heroic modes. Most importantly though a home willing to welcome 2 new players. If you are interested at all please contact me on scoie#6369.

If you are in doubt please do contact me hopefully I can clear something up!

Please keep in mind we are only interested in Alliance guilds and are not interested in changing to Horde.

Eloonn Dpriest - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/khazgoroth/Eloonn/simple
Eiocs Rdruid - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/khazgoroth/Eiocs/simple
Sorry about that ^

Hi Eiocs,

Could possibly have positions for both of you but I am not a fan of package deals, that being said one of you may have to be a standby or sit out on some nights. If you can prove otherwise in your healing capabilities then I would be interested but keep in mind of the above. If this interests you please contact me and we can talk.

Thanks for taking the time to post Letti, I'll make sure to add you when we begin to consider our options.
No worries at all :)

We have a spot open raids are Thurs Sun Mon 8pm to 11pm EST (Sydney time) - More info can be found at our thread here


Our current progression is 6/12 ToT and 8/16 H - should be higher but had a few healing roster issues holding us back.

My battletag is Xavier#1677

Good luck with your search

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