Fri/Sat nights mass overhaul LF raiders!

<Deicide> is currently recruiting tons of players for our core team. We have had some guild drama and people without raid dedication so we have removed them all at once. All 4 of the core left, who are also the officers of the guild, have AT LEAST 16/16 normal exp 1/12+ exp. We raid FRI/SAT 11P-2:30A server time. We use EPGP loot system that is pretty basic. We expect a minimum of 485 ilvl but pref 490. We need solid dedicated players to advance in ToT. We will consider a merger and we have H pally, R Druid, Hunter, DPS warrior.

NEEDS- We have 6 open spots.
-2 tanks(pref 1 shield/1 non)
-1 hybrid healer(shaman/priest)
-3 DPS(any dps please apply if interested)

Contacting in game there whisper or mail is the best. BT is stixnbrix#1725

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