Resto Druid / Destruction Warlock +10GMT

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Looking for a progressing guild Horde side, Prefer mature guild. I am available to raid any night of the week.

Druid Resto gear is at ilvl 499
I have Boomy off spec but still getting the grasp of that 480 ilvl atm.

My Destruction Warlock's ilvl is 500
We have done all of MSV and the first half of HoF. Looking to progress further in the game.

Also have another player a Holy Pally ilvl 500
we have raided together since Vanilla and would like to continue to do so.

Have been playing since vanilla.

Koda / Eloradanan

battle tag
Hi Koda,

I'm the Raid Leader in the recently-formed guild "Fatigue". While being new has made our progress into Tier 15 harder than we'd have liked (2/12 thus far, but should be 3 tomorrow), we're now ready to roll through that beast, and we're desperately looking to fill our last Raid slot with a Warlock.

While we can't necessarily promise a place for a Holy Pally as well (we already have one on the team), if you're at all interested, you can check us out at

Hi Viselock

Thanks for your reply,
but we are wanting to raid together, we have raided together since Vanilla

ty again
Hey there!
I would like to speak to you about joining us.
Please add me at Bake#2424
Hi Baec
Thanks for the reply, but I'm not interested in a PVP server thank you anyway good luck with your progression :)

If interested mate and out times / raid nights suit you, feel free to lodge a formal app online at our forums.

< Catalyst > is an established World of Warcraft endgame raiding guild that focuses on hardmode and progression content. We are an Aus / Nz Horde guild based on the Oceanic US-Frostmourne server.
We are currently looking directly for one of the following skilled and experienced players in order of preference:

Warlock Dps
Mage Dps


Current Progression:

10/16 HM Tier 14
12/12 NM Tier 15

Our raiding roster is as follows:
Wed / Thurs / Sun 8:30pm - 11:30pm server time - AEST GMT+10 during DLST.
Preference: Mature english speaking Aus / Nz locale players


If interested please feel free to contact me at:

or feel free to lodge a formal application on our forums at:

We have a spot open raids are Thurs Sun Mon 8pm to 11pm EST (Sydney time) would have no issue if you were on at 8:30 - More info can be found at our thread here

My battletag is Xavier#1677

Good luck with your search
Hi there,

We currently raid Wed/Thurs/Mon 8PM-11PM server time. We're on Dath'remar.

Guild has been around since BC, have a solid 10 man team.

Does the pally have any ret experience?

Currently 5/12, happy to offer you both a trial.

Please feel free to contact me in game at GWW#6223.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Hello there, hows it going.

I'm currently recruiting a new core team and i found your post and thought you may be interested in the giving it a shot for a Progression spot in the Team
Raid times are between 10PM-1AM Server Time (GMT+8) on Weds/Thurs/Sun. the guild is based on Thaurissan
Our environment is very laid back and relaxed, i like to have fun with members but also have abit or seriousness when it comes down to wanting to down a boss
you can check out the guild site at for more info if you need more
you can have a chat with me either through my email, or contact me through id same as my email adress if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you soon :)

We have currently been hitting some of the beginner Tiers for MoP and downed MSV 6/6 in one night and progressing HoF 3/6 as of Monday night. if your interested get back to me :)
Thank you all for response we have found what we were looking for :)

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