Hello Garrosh, I'm transferring from another

I'm transferring from another server with low population. The reason I am transferring is because I want to find diverse raiding guilds instead of being chained to one I don't like.
I mean to pull my own weight in the raiding guild, but I want to find one that fits.
I'm a full time student so my raiding times might differ from some of the guilds. Still, I'm a skilled "button pressing" tank. I have a 499 item level, and I have 15/16 downed. (I plan to kill Sha of Fear this week). My raiding times are late night weekends, or a one to two hours during the week.
That being said, I'm a pretty reserved person, and won't interfere with the raid leaders decisions. If there is a conflict down the road, I will simply say goodbye and leave. I want to join a guild to win, not to constantly wipe four hours a night wondering what is the matter.
Please, consider me to join your raiding guild.

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