Throne of Thunder weekly run! 1/13H LF1 DPS!

Burning Legion
Hola compadres, <HC> has an alt raid that's looking for a few more key people to get everything rolling.

Usually over the weekends, can vary week-to-week but will usually be at either 6:30 or 8:00 server time. Most of the time this is scheduled on Sundays, but it really could be any day from Fri-Mon, depending on when people can make it.

At the moment our altraid is 1/13H

I would prefer a rogue or DK DPS for the last spot.

Currently, this is what our setup looks like:

Tank 1: Impede
Tank 2: Milkshake
Healer 1: Buttercup
Healer 2: Espoir
DPS 1: Sieghart
DPS 2: Trolldad
DPS 3: Dimick
DPS 4:
DPS 5:
DPS 6 (offheal): Gulevek

I have a lot of people in guild and other friend-guilds that will sometimes be able to make these raids but I'd really like to get this more set in stone so we can just count on doing it on a weekly basis. We're really flexible with times, but we just need to set it up early on so everyone knows ahead of time.

As much as I would enjoy letting people see new content, this is not a run for those that are pretty inexperienced and undergeared overall. We have one night- a couple of hours- to try and push as many bosses as we can so these toons can be geared.

Must also have mumble voice client.

If you're interested in this, hmu in a reply, we need to get these forums more active!
Hola Compadre!

I'm interested in your alt raid ; tough for my work hours weekends its where I would fit better.

My main raid group its on hiatus for an undefined amount of time and I really wish to tackle at least normal mode raids

I can DPS / off heal with the shaman

I can bring the warlock if necesssary "akumai" which is my alt ; its LFR geared enough to do normal raids (right now my profile has destruction which I'm trying to learn and gear for ; main spec is Affliction)
Could talk more about this. I would really prefer to have a warlock and ele sham for last spot but your lack of gear/xp is a bit concerning. Our altraid has gone up to Iron Qon.
These guys scam and ninjaloot, plus they're only looking to get carried. Don't fall for this.
Well we tackled first wing of this raid tier but really we had a lot of people going in and out that stopped progression ... I got up to HoF and we only did it like 3 times..

If you are up to Qon.... then I will be able to learn encounters pretty quickly....
We're now 12/12N, with us attempting a heroic or 2 this week. I've got an ele shaman, and would prefer a rogue/DK for last spot.
Still need someone, guys! :( This raid is just about 1/13H
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