Any good PvP guilds here?

Aerie Peak
I just xfered here a few weeks ago and have been looking. I played on lightnings blade (Alliance) and Gul'dan (Horde) since Vanilla for most of my time, but the servers have been long gone since Wrath so here I am. I'm an Arena Master Rogue with 2.3k+ EXP just looking for a small but somewhat experienced PvP guild. This is also a shoutout for any 2k+ players on this server that I'm looking around for partners.
There was Legacy, they are gone now. I don't know of any serious PVP guild as far as I know.
Its ok, I'm sure I will find something.
Transfered my 85 priest here also.
Join my guild, everyone is 1900+ (4 total members woo) but better than any other guild on this joke of a server. Also I beat you in 2s on my pally.

How can I forget, you were with that hunter that nuked me >.< my partner I transfered with is also in that guild. This server is better than at least 50% of the dead servers in this game btw :O
<3 Kristen

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