Atonement Nerf, No buff to compensate? (PVE)

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I'm kinda excited about this nerf. never really atonement healed til MoP made me to be viable. Now get to go back to doing what healers are suppose to do... HEAL

Tbh, Atonement is still completely useful and a great thing to do in your downtime. It is much better now that it's more effective (ie not going to pets). I found it to be stronger now than before.

At the very least, it's a great way to quickly build Evangelism and manage mana during downtimes.
05/22/2013 07:31 AMPosted by Naérdriel
And that's unfair to our fellow healers.

Well, not really. Disc still offers a decent push. Looking over logs for the past two weeks, my damage numbers are comparable. That's not why the change was made. Extra damage has been part of Disc's utility for a long time.

What was unfair was that it wasn't something you chose over doing a bit more healing; it was more healing to push Atonement play for the majority of most encounters.
Atonement is filler for disc. No heavy tank/raid damage? Rapture not ready? Atonement.
There's a significant difference between atonement generated by penance or solace and atonement generated by smite. Smiting is definitely filler, but I'd argue that penance & solace are not as they should be used close to on CD in most situations.
I meant atonement to include penance/holy fire(or solace). Such short CDs, no reason to sit on them barring some sort of spike damage or sometihng.

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