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How do you folks feel about Wildstar? If you haven't seen anything about it yet, I suggest checking it out.
Already a thread on this, but it looks interesting.

I'm hopeful, but time will tell.
It looks and sounds really good

but I never want NCSoft to ever have any of my money ever again.
looks lame
I'd be all over it if I wasn't already playing too many games, because it looks very promising. I like the concept of picking a playstyle based role (combatant, builder, explorer). They're going for a pseudo-sandbox feel, which might work well for them if they pull it off, or might just be their downfall. Sandbox is something you commit to, and advertising as a hybrid means they could leave lots of potential fans alienated if they don't deliver.
Instantly turned off by the instanced PvP. No thanks to manufactured/artificial PvP.
IT has open world pvp And instanced pvp. .. it has player housing ..
Basically. so far if it has everything revealed and more.. it has stuff in it that many have asked for wow for years. .. and A Scifi/fantasy lore with a firefly style humor.. .. Sold.
It looks very very very good for me. Just hoping its going to be free to play. If it is im packing my bags and heading onto the next space shuttle for wildstar
if youre looking for all the fearures ppl have been asking wow for years just look into everquest 2 that game is amazing

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