character transfer to EU servers?

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I'm living in europe for the remainder of the year and I'm wondering if there's a way to transfer your characters to EU servers.

I'm currently lvling a toon on eu-twisting nether, but when I think about all the things I'll have to do to get the new character ready for raiding I get a little discouraged.

If it's not possible I'll deal with it, but since I haven't managed to find a straight answer anywhere I figure I might be able to get an answer here.
You can't transfer between regions. So you can either start over or deal with lag.
There is no way to do this as far as I am aware. If you want to play on the EU servers, you need to open an EU account and start over.
There is no connection at all between the US and the EU servers.

Each is a separate operation, with separate accounts, and separate ToU provisions (due to legal differences between US and Europe).

If you want to play on the EU servers, you must purchase and start a brand new account there. There is no transfer.

But you can still play your US account from Europe.
500+ ms latency is not worth it (trust me). I would continue to level the character you started on twisting nether. Also, because of the Noble event I just want to mention that it might be worth your time to at least gather the eggs for a chance at the mount. My level 9 on another realm has found 2 and the first one I found I was able to sell for 5k. With no Boas or anything else, that 5K from selling one is going to go a long way.
ty guys.

Yah I've been playing on Illidan from europe for about a year and it wasn't as much of aproblem because I was able to stay up late to raid, but I'm not able to anymore, which is why I'm heading over EU until I get back to the states.

sucks to start over though, even temporarily :(

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