Funny Shadow Priest Names

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Just made this toon, super stoked about the name! Lots of nostalgia comes with this toon. ^^
I tried to make it "Poopjokes" but apparently it's mature language.

And "Pewpjokes" would just be trying too hard.
I used to be stoneypriest then got flagged for a rename even tho all my toons are named Stoneywarr, stoneyrogue, stoneylock and so on because Stoney is my real legal given name so now I'm Wutangkilla
I bad at making names...
i havent seen any good ones lately. /shrug
I bad at making names...
I created an undead priest named "Anesthesia" probably not funny, but I though it was a cute one.

I love the name of my current holy/shadow Draenei priest along with my others ... Swiftbeauty (rogue) Glorygloria (pally) Thunderbell (shaman) babybullet (dwarf hunter) belladonna (monk alchemist) blazingheart (restro druid) Foxy (warlock)
I have this, for a disc priest. HOWEVER. I also have Shade for a shadow priest.
Instead of me healing you, just rub some dirt on it and you'll be fine.
I like mine... =)
<-- Rob Zombie anyone?

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