Funny Shadow Priest Names

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deathtoll or if you are a troll deathtroll

I named my warlock Onheil but it would be equally fitting for a spriest (death, anarchy, chaos, fear)

meh, just some random ideas. not necessarily funny.
I know it's not a spriest name but I thought it was clever :p
Since miniaturizing myself when I faction hopped, I'm fond of this name.

this is actually kinda cute/witty.
I chose a title / name combo, rather than a priest play on words.

One of my best online friends chose Gobsend for his priest, and I think that mattered more regardless of what specc he chose.

I'm actually Disc these days though.
Mines cool because I totally have my very own awesome theme song.
i havent seen any funny ones lately. /shrug
My belf priest is Shadowdheart i thought it was a pretty name and fitting
These threads are usually so lame. The vast majority of people assert that their name is the best (When really it's not funny or clever). The thread was for funny names, I don't see how really ANY of these names are remotely funny.

Move on just a bunch of ego stroking here
My name is the best...or will you be denyin the Scion
Instead of me healing you, just rub some dirt on it and you'll be fine.

This guy's name was funny to me.

Maybe a partner named "Putwindexonit

shutup it's Monday, most things aren't funny except the real cheesy goofy stuff.
I think i like my name.. but would have been better if i was a troll :P
I thought mine was rather original
My buddy had a shadow priest named Mobilestd.
I'm a big Wheel of Time fan so in choosing a name out of the forsaken, it had to be Semirhage. The name fit a shadow priest perfectly. Here's some info from wikipedia:

'Semirhage (SEH-mih-RHAHG), originally known as Nemene Damendar Boann, was once considered to be the greatest healer the world had ever seen, able to cure anything except death. However, she was also a sadist, and subjected her patients to unnecessary pain for her own enjoyment. Most of her victims accepted it as part of being healed, until the Aes Sedai learned of it. Unwilling to execute her because of her abilities, Nemene was instead offered the choice of being cut off from the One Power altogether, or being bound with an Oath Rod to stop her from inflicting her atrocities on hapless victimes. Nemene instead chose to join the Shadow and became Semirhage, the Lady of Pain. She quickly became feared for her cruelty, to the point where even the other Forsaken were apprehensive about working with her. Semirhage's reputation was such that many prisoners, upon learning that she was to be their warden, committed suicide. She was as skilled at turning people to the Dark One as she was at healing, and as such any prominent prisoners were sent to her.'

Was stoked to actually get the name! Amongst other forsaken names I have ;)
Trainstation at least fit the bill as a possibility. I found it kinda funny.

The rest are just ruining the potential of good topic.
Moocifer the Tauren Spriest is still my favorite ever. Props to whomever nabbed that one.

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