Macbook Pro + wireless USB mouse = ???

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Hello everyone :) So apparently wireless mouses using a USB dongle don't work very well with macbooks due to the aluminum casing (or something like that).
So I know that this has been an issue for a while and I have read a couple threads on here about it, and I am just wondering if anyone knows if this issue has been solved?

-does this problem still persist with new macbooks?
-could you suggest some other mouses similar to the one I have that would work better with my laptop?

I am on a 2010 macbook pro, using a Logitech Anywhere MX mouse.

Thanks in advance :)
This is a hardware issue which our team is unable to address. You can use a USB extender to help resolve this for now. Or move it to another port further away from the Magsafe adapter if possible.
Okay :) Thank you so much for the advice. Is it possible for you to contact me sometime in the future if more information comes up on this issue?
It isn't likely that more info will come up on it unless it's directly from Apple. Apple forgot to add proper shielding to their new Macs/Macbooks that have USB 3.0 on them, which causes any wireless 2.4 GHz devices to fail spectacularly unless they've moved far away from the computer. A USB Extender works, but only if it is a) a properly shielded USB 3.0 speed cable, and b) if it is more than 24 inches from the offending port.

Because that is not a feasible thing for many laptop owners, the prevailing wisdom with the new MacBooks is to use a wired mouse. Any tech that uses the 2.4-2.6 Ghz wireless frequency range will suffer interference from the USB 3 ports, which operates at ~2.5 GHz, and when not properly shielded, cause dropouts in truly epic fashion.

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