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A Brave New World

The years that followed the Pandarian Landfall had been harsh and barbaric. The landfall had been a disaster, with thousands lost for both the Horde and Alliance. Pandaria became an “Unwinnable War” with neither side gaining much in way of land or resources, but losing thousands of lives to the brutal war.

Lacking the manpower that had been lost in Pandaria, the Horde and Alliance began to research new weapons of war. These new weapons of mass destruction began to be stockpiled, with both sides of the conflict trying to create the larger and more lethal arsenal. New weapons and improved versions of old ones began to show, from Forsaken Blight, Mana Bombs, Goblin Azsharite Warheads, and Gnomish Radiation Weapons.

Ironically, this short period of time would see very few actual conflicts. Neither side was willing to make the first move if it meant mutually assured destruction. Many thought this alone was a deterrent enough, but Garrosh Hellscream was not a man easily deterred. Tired of inactivity on every front, the Warchief authorized a massive raid on Alliance allied Jinyu territory in Pandaria. Varian, ordered his forces to seize Domination point from the Horde.

Hellscream would not have another five year stalemate, forced to fight over Pandaria. The Horde had tried to seize Pandaria the old way before, Hellscream would not be so foolish a second time. Garrosh ordered the bombardment of The Karasang Wilds, a fleet of Horde Zeppelins carrying the new weapons devastated every Alliance holding there.

Varian was disgusted by the Horde’s actions, luckily the exchange of super weapons had only taken place in Pandaria. Unfortunately, he didn’t think that would last. With most of the Alliance Pandaria army destroyed at Karasang, he’d have to hit the Horde in a different way.. Varian ordered the destruction of The Shrine of Two Moons within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, its central location in Pandaria made it ideal to stockpile the Horde’s super weapons, Varian would see this threat eliminated.

A fleet of Alliance gunships made their way to the vale, managing to sneak past Horde Zeppelin patrols. The Gunships rained Radiation bombs unto the Temple, what followed would be forever cemented in history..

The bombs not only decimated the temple, but ignited the Horde Stockpile there, a massive explosion of Radiation, Arcane Energy, and Blight rocked the vale, not even the Gunships above escaped, they were disintegrated before they even reached the ground.

The massive output of the combined explosion affected the very land itself, the Vale’s magical waters fueled the destruction, expanding it. The desolation didn’t end there, a massive cloud of latent magical energy, blight, and radiation formed, the cloud swept across Pandaria in a matter of months, killing every living thing there.

Neither side was prepared, the massive storm of dark power grew larger daily, the very mists of Pandaria had been corrupted, and would now stretch across all of Azeroth. The Horde however, had no intentions of wasting around on a dying planet. Hellscream headed a massive exodus across the veiled sea, to the Blasted lands. While the Alliance was busy working on a way to halt the cloud’s growth, the Horde landed on the the Red Reaches of the blasted lands and seized the Dark Portal, sending both civilians and warriors through the portal, in attempt to seize Outland to escape Azeroth’s demise.

When word reached Varian from Nethergarde keep of the Horde’s aggression in the Blasted Lands, it was nearly too late. The cloud of destruction had consumed the cape Stranglethorn, and it would soon reach Stormwind. Left with no choice, and running
out of time, it was decided that the Alliance too, would abandon Azeroth.

Brave Druids, Shamans, and Priests slowed the clouds eventual expansion, allowing refugees from all over Azeroth to reach the Eastern Kingdoms and make their way to the Blasted Lands. Seizing the Dark Portal had proven easy for Alliance forces, as most of the Horde forces had already crossed through the Portal. Even the Stair of destiny on the other side had proven easy enough to capture, it seemed the Horde had no intention of keeping watch over Azeroth.

Countless refugees from all over Azeroth filtered through the portal, even races loosely affiliated with the Alliance (And some which had been hitherto hostile). However, at the last second, a small fleet of Horde Zeppelins blighted several survivors, and mana bombed the portal itself, thus separating Outland and Azeroth once again.
On the Outland side of things, survivors of all types have scattered across Outland, any attempt by the Alliance or Horde to reign the survivors back into their respective factions has so far failed. The once great leaders of the Alliance are no where to be seen, with several leader’s very survival in question. Of Varian, it is known that he decided to stay in Stormwind, with the surprisingly many who also decided to stay with their city, his son, Anduin’s location is unknown but it is likely that he escaped to Outland. Garrosh was killed shortly after reaching Outland, not much is known about the circumstances of his death, nor was a body ever produced.

The refugees of Azeroth of have spread out across Outland, attempting to rebuild and make a name for themselves, often coming into conflict with the planet’s natives. There are some that believe that the portal can be reignited, and Azeroth reclaimed. But most realize that Outland is all they have now, and that it must be tamed for future generations.

So now you’re ready to rally the refugees and conquer Outland right? HAAHAHA.. No. First you need to learn the basics!


In A Brave New World (A subsidary of CoWinc.) you control entire nation struggling to survive in the rugged lands of Outland, you control every aspect of your nation, from the leadership, to the military, to the peasantry.
Every decision you make ripples across the world, for example, if you invade a nation, I doubt the other nation would respond happily, they’d instead invade the heck out of you. Even small stuff counts, if you lumber a section of forest, don’t expect it to be there next time.

Speaking of lumber, there is no resources counter or anything like this, but if you are wanting to build something, say a fleet, mention gathering resources in a few posts and then mention building the ships themselves over a course of several posts. I don’t want

“And then the ships spawned from the heavens and attacked Hellfire Citadel.”

Not only is it silly that ships would come from the air, but the fact that it came from out of nothing, if you want to invade something, tell us how many troops you’re sending and where, depending on how far the area is away from you, role-play out their journey.


Playing the game is simple, you make a posts dealing with your nation, a post can come from several point of views, and contain any combination of them. The most common are from the point of view of leaders, as they make decisions for their nations. However a post can be from any other person in your nation, perhaps a simple commoner, or a rank and file soldier.

While these shouldn’t be your entire post, it is very important to show whats happening in the big picture with your nation, such as snippets dealing with researchers or projects being undertaken across your nation.

You should be able to get a hold if this fairly quickly.


This is something more specific that I’ve always wanted to bring up, make the wrong choices. What does this mean? Well, in threads where you can read another’s post full knowledge of their troops and numbers, we usually act accordingly, here’s what I need you to do: Make bad calls, perhaps bad calls that lose entire wars, have incompetent generals that would rather defend their garrison then the capitol city.

I’m not saying throw your entire nation to the dogs, but don’t make it too easy for you.

This thread revolves around refugees from Azeroth attempting to stake their claim in Outland, while trying to deal with the native races.. and each other. As such there are a few things that are different with this thread.

Now, a few points about the game

-Start cap for refugee races is 25,000. Population is dependent upon how many of your race or faction made it to Outland, Nations with races that had easy access to the portal (ie Most Alliance and Horde Races) will have larger start populations.

-Races native to Outland have a larger start population than refugee races. The cap for this is 75,000. Remember that is the maximum.

-Military can take up to 25% of Refugee races and 15% of Outland natives.

-Population grown is different between races, with 8% every 2 days being the average (Orcs, Humans, Trolls)

Key Features of Outland:

Here's a Map of Outland land Claims and Nations Courtesy of Fluency!


Zangarmarsh Ocean: Due to the destruction of the Naga pumping station there, Zangarmarsh now has a large inland sea that leads down into the Nagrand lakes, using this would definitely help trade. Specifically, the Sea takes up most of the central and eastern part of Zangarmarsh, starting at the Coilfang Reservoir, extending to Zabra'Jin to the west. And cutting east across where the road used to be until it reaches Umbrafen Lake, and then extending to a bit north of Telredor, leaving a narrow strip of land from the eastern entrance to the Blade's Edge Mountains that encompasses the Cenarion Refuge and the entrance to Terrokkar. The Nagrand part would extend down to the Ring of Trials and go west until it reached Garadar, where it joins with the Nagrand lakes. (Shown as the White on the map.)

Oshu’gun: an old Naaru space craft that crashed into Nagrand many years ago. It is seen as a mountain, nowadays however. It acts as a holy site to both the Draenei and the Orcs, the mountain has mystical properties, able to show visions of the dead.

Legion Forge Camps: Massive Industrial sites used by the legions to craft their eldritch automatons. Located in Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand, Blades Edge Mountains, who knows what they could be used for in the hands of a mortal nation.

Portals: All four of the portals in Outland, Death’s door, Twilight ridge, Portal Clearing, and the Stair of destiny are all inert. However some say, that through much time and effort, they could be used to link to eachother, creating easy travel across Outland to those that control them.

Hellfire Citadel: The great fortress of the Fel Horde stands silent at the moment, many nations would like to see this citadel taken for themselves, but few want to brave the citadel’s rumored inhabitants.

Obviously there are many more key features, however in the case of the last four, they seem to be overlooked sometimes. So remember keep your eye out! New things may be added to this list.
Nation Sign Ups:

Name of Nation:
Government Type:
Leaders/Important people:
Overall Population: (Cap 25,000 Refugee, 75,000 Native)
Overall Military: (25% of Refugee pop, 15% for Native pop [Maximum])
[Unit Type]Unit name: (Number of Units)

Land List:

1.Land’s name: Land description

Here's an example of a sign up!

Player: Zorbak
Name of Nation: The Wyrmscale Caliphate
Government Type: Theocracy
Leaders/Important people:

Patriarch Kolphis Darkscale (Orc)
Draaca Longtail the Dragonsworn (Draenei)
Overlord Nuaar (Draenei)

Capitol: Blackwing Hold, Blade’s Edge Mountains
Race(s): Several, mainly Draenei, Orcs, Krokul and Humans.

History/Description: The original Wyrmcult was formed a few years after the Second War. During the War, Deathwing hid clutches of eggs all across Outland, guarded by his most valued underlings. However, Deathwing’s plan did not go unopposed. An Alliance of the local Gronn and Alliance forces drove him out.

What remained however, was the several clutches of eggs strewn across Outland, protected by their unwavering guardians. When Outland was torn asunder, many of the eggs were corrupted, creating the newer Nether Dragons. However a few of the clutches in The Blade’s Edge Mountains had remained uncorrupted.

The remaining Black Dragons of Outland fought a losing battle against the Gronn and their Ogres, in an attempt to fight back, several mortals were taken as vassals to be used against the enemy. This was the beggining of the Wyrm Cult, Orc, Draenei, and even a few stranded Humans joined the dragons, under the leadership of Blackscale, a powerful black Wyrm.

As time wore on however, the Black dragons began to die off, the Ogres finally overwhelming them, what remained of them went into hiding, the Wyrmcult was now on its own. During the second war in Outland, the Wyrmcult attempted to conquer the druids of the Ruaan Weald, however it ended in failure and heavy losses. Recently though, with an influx of new refugees, the Wyrm Cult has grown in numbers and power. Taking the name of the Wyrmscale Caliphate, the wyrmcult wishes to see their holy empire stretch across all of Blade’s Edge, and perhaps farther.

Overall Population: 5,370
Overall Military: 430

[Melee Infantry] Zealot: (150)
Dedicated soldiers of the Wyrmscale Caliphate, the Zealots act as a front line against enemy armies. Zealots who have accomplished a great dead are given armor crafted from Dragon Scales, collected from the many dead dragons dotting the Blade's Edge Mountains. Zealots often wield large two handed axes and swords. A Zealot will almost always fight to the death for the caliphate.

[Caster] Acolyte: (90)
Disciples of Draaca the Dragonsworn, Acolytes aspire to harness the mystical power of flame, using Draconic artifacts, such as teeth or scales to enhance their magics. While their magic is weak without any dragons left in Blade's edge to train them, most have at least trained in first aid to help wounded soldiers after battle.

[Archer] Poacher: (180)
The Wyrmscale poachers used to capture dragon whelps from many of the abandoned clutches across the Blade's Edge Mountains. Now that there are no Black Dragons left in Outland, their name serves a symbolic role. The Wyrmscale poacher is much like an Elven ranger.

[Siege] Demolisher: 10
Demolishers captured from old Horde installments around Blade's Edge. They are currently being refurbished and upgraded for an upcoming invasion of the Ruuan Weald.

Land List:

1.Blade’s Edge Mountains: The Wyrmscale Caliphate controls most of the Raven's Wood (Besides Grishnath), the Caliphate's capitol, Blackwing Hold, is situated near Blackwing Coven. The Caliphate also controls the Wyrmscale bridge leading to the Ruaan Weald. Evergrove, within the Weald has just been conquered.
Nation List:

Map: http://i.imgur.com/iev2AXY.jpg
(Courtesy of Fluency!)

1.Zorbak the Great and Powerful, the King in the North, the Destroyer of Worlds
The Wyrmscale Caliphate

The Black Empire

Netherstorm Trade Confederacy

Clockwork Covenant

Kaldorei Reformation

The Hand of Mal’Zuur and the Morbid Council (The Hand of Mar’Zuur)

The Illidari Darksworn
Part 1: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8414572049?page=3#49
Part 2: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8414572049?page=3#57

The Republic of Man
(Light Blue)


Eternus Imperium (Eternal Empire)

The Bloodstrike Republic

The Steamwheedle Wolves

Death's Reach
(Dark Blue)
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I'm in the process of writing a bomb-!@# intro, Ash, be ready to receive the Legion.

Also, in response to your comment about spicing up the thread, Zor, I have a spice for you.

It rhymes with Hell Cleaver.
It rhymes with Hell Cleaver.

Smell beaver?
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It rhymes with Hell Cleaver.

Smell beaver?

Dell Receiver?
Avarrack completed

Ambassador has reached Forge Camp Oblivion, waiting to intercept Confederacy ambassador

Socrethar's Seat has been leveled, construction crews sent. 3 posts till new fortress completed

Clockwork Whelp scout force complete, two whelps sent to each Outlands landmass

Arcane science team has reached Twilight Ridge, unknown amount of time till research completed
Sorry, having trouble underlining/separating things.
I have to ask, was my nation completely wiped out? Because if not, I have a computer available and would be fine with continuing. If I happen to have been wiped out, I'll simply lurk
You're a Protectorate of the Republic of Man right now. Which means that you have a cap on your military size, but I'm sure they could work something out. Other than that, the only thing different is the 300 Hoplites and 50 Dragoons stationed in your capital.
Hell, let's see how that works out. What happened to Bhal'Dan, and my other leaders?
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But, I'm a bit ahead anyway, it's others that are being waited on. Understandable because people are relying on each other and stuff due to interaction.

So, keep it going! Dont break in anything stupid and ridiculous like Dell Beavers it might do more damage than help.
Hell, let's see how that works out. What happened to Bhal'Dan, and my other leaders?

Bhal'Dan survived, and now he's the one in charge.
Well, Ein, how many of your soldiers would you be okay with losing to lynch mobs?
Well, Ein, how many of your soldiers would you be okay with losing to lynch mobs?

They're in a fortified embassy, so... I'm not really sure how well a lynch mob would do. That being said, if the Republic of Man gets word that you're trying to start another war, they will not react well.
Yeah, but the point I'm trying to make is that the entire population of orcs is pretty much ready to fight. I'll make a post relatively soon.
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