A Brave New World (Nation RP OOC 2)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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My god that was one glorious post. You may all revel in its magnificence.
Hear my words and rejoice! :P So I've managed to get back to writing my second (really? Only two?) post by writing it all differently. But now I have to go to sleep early because I'm doing stuff in the morning. :( Tomorrow evening will herald my long awaited post!

As a side note, I've discovered PTR and am loving it. Unlimited 90's! It's probably my greatest discovery since WET.
Ok, I am SUCH a liar. Still, it's very close to done. Tomorrow, I swear.
Is...anyone else even here? >_>
I'm here. Just waiting for more outside action before I post again.
[Insert poor judgement here]
I wont go as far as to say the thread is DEAD Zorb. They might return, who knows *shrug*

Either way, thank you for hosting the thread *salute*
I'm here I posted and was waiting to see some others post.
Woahwoahwoah. Nuh-uh, I'll keep posting my story even if I'm the last one here.

I went away to get really drunk for one night and come back to this!? :P

I will be posting tonight. Zorb. This is the most fun I've had in a while. Get rid of those melancholy vibes, this thread was, is and will continue to be awesome. And when it ends I expect another up within the week! (or I'll make it probably). This is good and I'm still going!
Well now I feel like an idiot who jumped the gun. Well, If you guys will keep posting, I sure as hell wont stop XD. I just assumed everyone got burnt out.. I'll just save that touching speech for another time. The Wyrmcult will live on!
Seriously the Empire has much work left to do!
Seriously the Empire has much work left to do!

So does the Illdari.

Don't expect them to just stop here.

Kinda waiting on Ein to post...
Hey, I'm still here. I've been suffering from writer's block for the past weekend so my posting in all threads that I'm in has been drastically been reduced. But that doesn't mean I'm out. There's plenty of things for me to have fun with before my time here will come to an end, so don't be worried.
04/05/2013 01:35 AMPosted by Liå
Seriously the Empire has much work left to do!

So does the Illdari.

Don't expect them to just stop here.

Kinda waiting on Ein to post...

And I'm kinda waiting on Istella and Ashok.
Sorry, I got really busy over the last few days, with literally no time to write a post. I'll try to have one up by tonight, but if not, definitely tomorrow.
Ok, FINALLY posted. I think it's an ok post, but I sort of cut the fight scene a little short, and it has a bit of an abrupt ending. Is 2 posts too fast to build a fort(ress)? I wasn't certain if that wasn't enough of a wait, so let me know if it is. And in closing, tell me if anything should be changed.


-Assault on Oshu’gun Successful

Gains: Naaru Artifact- Increases morale and makes holy and discipline priests more effective, Oshu’Gun- Surrounding lands for various farming, lumber and mining purposes, as well as the mountain itself for research of Naaru techs.

Losses: 6 Priests, 4 Shamans, 5 Berserkers/Bruisers

-Construction of a Fort Commenced

Time: 2 posts

Location: Hill between Kil’Sorrow Fortress and Telaar (It’s where you bring some ogre guy to 1 health and interrogate him as part of a quest.)

Description: Walls, Central Command Centre, Blacksmith, Stables/Hippogryph Roost, Towers mounted on said walls, Fortified Doors.
I had nothing better to write about, so I just wrote a little story showing what happens to Covenant prisoners.

New fortress on Socrethar's Seat being built, 2 posts until completion.

Ambassador waiting at Forge Base Oblivion
I have planned my post! I have written my growth cycle and stuff! I just came down with a really terrible cold and have not found the effort to get out of bed let alone write a post. I'm literally like 60% done but I don't like posting something without IC justification for my actions. I have a little bit left to write. I might get it up tonight, sorry for the delay. I -haven't- forgotten this or abandoned it or anything!
Map: http://i.imgur.com/iev2AXY.jpg

Updated: Steamwheedle Wolves (Osho'gun and Fortress). Haven (Warmaul Hill + Garadar). Illidari Darksworn (Legion Hold). Hand of Mal'Zuur (Barrier Hills).

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