A Brave New World (Nation RP OOC 2)

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Sorry I haven't posted lately, been busy with some various RL stuff. Also, I was kind of waiting on 3 other people to respond to my posts. Just curious: who is still here and willing to continue?
Diplomatic relations with my faction? Sure, but I'm very far North. I probably won't get to Zangarmarsh for a while and my closest group to Zangarmarsh only has about 150 men and they're at Nagrand.
Oh, and I don't know where Ein is but he seemed pretty dedicated to the thread.

Edit: nevermind, I found him. And I am still here and willing to continue.
I'm still here! My post is about halfway through, but it's been rather slow-going due to the mind blowingly large amount of school projects I've done recently. (Like five in the last two weeks.) Still, that doesn't mean I've given up; I have a nice bit of hell to wreak upon my nation before letting fate lead my plot, so I have plenty of direction and inspiration. Unfortunately, I also have an overdose of procrastination. But anyway, I hope to finish writing a post by tomorrow. Sorry for being such a slow poster! I feel like I've come across as un-dedicated when it comes to posting on this thread, but I'm really enjoying being a part of it, and procrastination is my #1 pastime.

In conclusion, expect something rather soon. I haven't abandoned this thread.
I'm here also and still interested in continuing, I just, have an essay due very soon and it is nearing completion. After that, well, I'm in the busiest two weeks I have really, so I can't promise anything. But, soon, I shall have time to get a post up soon I hope.
I apologize for not posting. I might skip my growth cycle, because I've been kinda iffy trying to do that. Then of course I have to make posts for my own thread as well.
I'm still here, a bit busy but still here.
We'll il be a nations rp thread. Too bad its full, i havent seen one of these in ages. Serves me right for keeping my head stuck in the sc2 ladder system..... Just going to throw this out there, if anyone drops out i would be more than hhappy to take their place :) / start a new nation in a uncontrolled corner of the world
Out of curiosity, would it be possible to sign on as the Consortium? I'm not entirely sure if that would be possible, considering that the Ethereals largely already seem to have gone for other nations, and, the Clockwork empire borders the eco-domes that house the capital of the Consortium. In the event that I can sign up, they'd probably be led by Nexus-Prince Haramad(likely with a stuffier title), and the nation would be a literal, honest-to-goodness, pure-blooded corporate republic/corporatocracy. They'd be selling Ethereal tech, materials, and weapons to whoever can afford it, although the other nations in Netherstorm and any other competition would likely have sour relations with them.
Now is anybody still here?
I take that as a no.
If I really am the only one here, does that mean I win by default?
Not if I can help it :D

Sorry for blowing this off for so long, but my post is, like, 60% complete. I will condemn myself to the depths of the abyss for all eternity if I don't get it done.

Meanwhile, I think Fluency was on midterms or something. Either way, I hold hope that he'll be back soon. I'm unsure about the others.

It'll be up as soon as I can finish it!
Ah yes. Controversy to bring people back. Never fails.
Posted! In, like, literally 60 seconds... Anyway Nelt, you can respond to the spy as you wish, which includes diplomacy. If you want to GMod him to an extent to which something can actually happen without me replying, then go ahead. He's not going to be out for blood or anything, he just wants to know what happened to the Forge bases and whether the people who blew them up can be reasoned with.

Summary of Actions Taken:

Hippogryph mounted spy sent to Twilight Ridge for investigations.

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