<Cognition> 25man LF DPS/Healers

looking for more
recruiting dps/ healer
We have pie.
recruiting for more dps/healers
need a few more strong dedicated dps/healers
what did you/having for dinner?

recruiting for more
recruiting for more healers/dps
recruiting for more
recruitment is active
Bump! Need healers and dps!
Looking for a 523 fury warrior? Also, are you working on heroics?
Well, since it isn't Wednesday, I can't Bump the Hump, so how about we Void the Noid...

Still recruiting dps and healers. Ranged dps is preferred. We have no shaman healers and could use one of those. Other healers are also encouraged to apply.

Raid days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays 6:30pm to 9:30pm server time (PST).
Apps: http://cognition.guildlaunch.com/

note: If you are going to app, please ensure that you are in PvE gear in your armory and your gear is gemmed and enchanted properly, no matter what iLevel it is. Thanks.
I currently have a group of 4 (including myself) that are looking for a home in a new guild on KJ.
The classes are 2 healers, and 2 dps: resto shaman, holy paladin, mage, and rogue.
Are there any other things besides those which were already stated, that we should note with the application process?
Can't wait to start applying. Do you take recruits with lower than 500IL? Im currently running 494 running LFR and grabbing Darkspear rebellion gear when i can. Just looking for a fun 25man group to run with
Gonna have some cheap pizza today!

while we continue to rise to the top!

What toppings do you like on pizza?
Heroic SoO make ya wanna bump, bump
We currently cleared Siege of Orgrimmar normal mode 14/14 and are starting Heroics this week. We are still looking for multi dot and feral classes. We always consider exceptional player even if we are not recruiting for that class.
Chances of gainful employment within the guild increase with the bringing of punch and pie!
Currently 1/14 Heroic still looking for said classes.

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