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8/10, the shield looks really off to me, and i cant get used to it

(ps im wearing the wrong tabard atm for rep grind)

7/10, I generally like the armor but I'm not a big fan of the helmet.

I wish I could get my hands on Vanguard Legplates and maybe some better matching shoulders.
Leatina, your gear totally fits! Oathkeeper suits Draenei crystally theme, colors fit Alliance paladins, spikes suit Ret really well. You're a good thing. 9/10 c:
7/10, it all matches but just doesn't feel paladin enough for me
7/10 while it's definite paladin appropriate gear I feel like you see those pieces quiet a bit too much these days. Still they look really cool mixed and match together.

My armory pose ruins the look of my gear. T_T
9/10 pose and shoulders ruined it for me
7/10 Helm doesn't match but not unpleasant to look at.
@ Tilac- 8/10 Love the color. Get a green cape, tho
I like it, but everything seems to say lion, while the helm says bird
Going for a Dark Paladin look Tenacius? Looks pretty good 9/10
9/10 don't see grey all that often
8/10 Rainbow colors and all over the place but nice and unique.
6/10, it literally looks like you don't have a chest on
@Soultaka, 5/10... besides the pvp set pieces, nothing seems to match

dude sickcckckckckckckc
Love that blue and gold. Myself, I wanted a darker, blood knight look.
10/10 forgot to say.
Love the look, well put together 10/10
I like the contrast of light skinned Draenai to dark armor. Even the sword is a good choice imo. Would like to see what you would do for a helm.


Kinda dominatrix like. I'll be in my bunk...

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