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Trees everywhere!
@Zaturn, 10/10 just because of that mace
why are so many NON paladins in here gtfo go to your forums

Zaturn yea 10/10
8/10 for not having the new robe which looks bad !@#
@ maz 0/10

arent you a %@@**#@#+vanguard copy fanboi

Deal I like 9/10

I eat babies
I cant remove my tabard at the moment since Im not home...but its the matching chest that drops in FL
not bad except the goggles, paladins don't look righ doing "hi-tech"

But they're sunglasses!
I like using the Light to help keep my tan up.

@Makkir 10/10
LOVE your color theme and choices
@ Zenalpaladin, 8/10

Everything matches well but I'm not a big fan of the goggles.
well, I know where to stab you. 4/10
8/10 since its very unique and the color scheme works well too.
7/10, not a big fan of the colors but it looks badass
was never much of a fan of that helm, but nice to see a close matching shield/main hand for that set.
GL on getting the leggings for redemption.
6/10 SHoulda used CM helm and diff sword/shield

you mad breh?

nah brah why you care?
9/10 Maz, Lol Immediately see a resemblance to an Executioner.
7/10 Boots can use an x-mog. The rest of the set's nice though.

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