LF RBG Leader or Team

Here is the situation, i am the GM of Perdition and to keep the guild active and fun i am willing to open up my guild for someone who would like to create a RBG team but doesnt have the guild to do it. for your convenience i will give the 10 RBG members 20g repair each day if you guys manage to get your 3 guild wins (which is just about the amount that you get for the guild challenges, if you want your RBG team to have more repairs you have to donate to the guild bank). i will also give you a tab for your RBG team if needed. you will also receive all the necessary rank permissions in order to do so. i will also create a website if you would like and i will help recruit if you would like as well. so long story short, you do it your way. if you are interested please reply to this forum and also contact me in game.

still looking for RBG leader

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