Assembling a set for off spec

So I have been focusing pretty heavily on my prot set and am absolutely loving it. However, dailies as prot take a good amount of time to do, even if I pull all 10 mobs i need to kill at once.

I want to put together a set for dps. I think a good idea might be to take a look into getting the pvp gear so that I can pvp as ret and dps using the same set (seeing as most of my time as ret will be spent doing dailies and not dungeons or raids).

Is this a good idea?
One of the nice things about prot and ret is that they can share a TON of gear.

The following stats are all great for both specs:
Hit, Expertise, Haste, Mastery, Strength

Crit is fairly worthless to prot

Dodge/parry is worthless to ret (it's also not the best secondary stats for prot, but they aren't worthless for prot, and certainly much better than crit)

There's varying views though on the best stats for prot.

So this means you can easily focus on the spec you play the most (and optimize for that spec) and use that same gear for the other spec quite easily. Obviously getting dedicated pieces for your offspec will be even better since you can then optimize the gemming/enchant/reforging. But the point is sharing gear won't be terrible at all, so prot/ret is a great combo from a gearing standpoint.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with grabbing the pvp gear for your ret spec though. Just try to start by focusing on slots where the prot piece you currently have aren't that good for ret.

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