Armory RBG record Bug 0-37 on EotS?!?!

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My eye of the storm record shows 0-37. I have no idea what my actual record is but I do know that my win:loss is closer to to 50:50 as I have even 1600-0 in Eye. Not a huge deal, but if people are checking my armory to determine if I am qualified for rbgs for their group one night, they might hesititate if they think I am bad luck charm for EotS. Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same problem as well.
Same problem here. Only 0-2 though, when I should be 2-0. I put in a ticket each time after I noticed it. They recognize it as just a display issue and will not fix it for me. I was awarded the conquest points and supposedly it doesn't negatively affect my rating.

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