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Some time ago I had two accounts. I had characters on both accounts (JMTENET and JMTENET211). I only use the JMTENET211 account now. However, when I log into, I see remnants of characters that no longer exist from an account I no longer use. This is somewhat of a nuisance as I wish to see only the characters I presently possess or use on my JMTENET211 account.

I would like these remnants to be removed. I have asked about this in the past...and I was given some lengthy reply that made very little sense. These characters no longer exist...and yet they show up in my profile and it is VERY confusing. I haven't used these characters on this account for over three years. Please tell me there is something I can do.

The characters that should show up in my profile are: Nairomi (DK), Natomi, and Nocturna. The characters (remnants of deleted characters on an inactive account) that should not are: Slashdotcom, Nairomi (Shaman).

Please tell me how I can get these names to no longer appear. It is quite an eye-sore.
I am still seeing characters that I deleted over three years ago in the drop down menu for my profile. This displays my DK (Nairomi), my mage (Nocturnâ), and two characters that have long since been deleted. It is not a browser cache issue as this has occurred for quite some time. These characters still appear...and when I attempt to access them, it says they are unavailable. It is becoming quite the nuisance...please can someone look into this?

Blizzard Support was unable to assist me as this is a website related bug...I was redirected here, and I have not heard anything. Any assistance would be appreciated.
Nairomi (Shaman) and Slashdotcom (Rogue) have been showing up in my characters list on the WoW site for quite some time despite being DELETED characters. A character I deleted a few days ago doesn't show...why do these characters LINGER????

EDIT: Not sure why Blizzard Support requested that I submit this information here. Please take a look into why characters that were created and deleted during TBC still show up after THREE EXPANSIONS. What the hell?????


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