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Well this evening / morning I've been trying to farm up some good old Justice Points for some heirloom gear.

Seems that the grind / farm would take much longer than originally expected though so, with that, is there something I'm missing?

I've tried random BGs. 375 HP - 250 JP... considering this isn't a guaranteed investment (the alliance could lose -- and most often time does)... this route does not seem to be ideal.

I then went looking at LFR / Heroic Dungeons / Scenarios. Being Valor capped for the week I get a bag from completing a scenario and that rewards me 60 Justice Points from the bag. Now I am not sure if this is a set amount but doing the math here... 60(x)=2175 JP where x = the amount of scenarios I need to run.... 37 scenarios. Hmmm...

I haven't tried a random heroic yet at Valor Cap. I presume that each boss would drop some amount of JP, yes? And what about completing the random? I check the LFD que and it states nothing of reward with Justice Points.


The bottom line is this -- what's the fastest / most efficient method to farm Justice Points at 90? I've Goggled some other topics and have found replies prior to 5.2 and other useless stuff.

Like I said.. perhaps I'm missing something. Never really bothered to pay attention until recently when I need the said currency for heirlooms lol....
Well I've just gotten my first 90 in the past month all I really did was queue, Now I'm stocked filled of JP that I've been swapping it for Honor D:
120 Justice Points per boss in heroics. That's your answer.
Tank heroics, even if you are valor capped, if you want to earn a lot of JP. You'll get instant queue times, and if you dont suck you can do speed runs too. The shortest heroics only take about 8-10 minutes for a fast run, 15 on average. The longer runs take about 15 minute for a fast run, 20-25 or even 30 if the group isnt all that good.

I would even say try tanking it in your dps gear. This one time a geared warrior tanked in arms and he did top damage and nobody could pull off of him. Healer didnt complain because packs were exploding pretty fast.
Queu for Arena of Annihilation. With a decent group it takes 5 minutes or less to complete and upon completion you get 84JP.

Or do the Jade Forest, that seems to be the fastest heroics at 120JP a boss.

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