{A} Rent A Raider is LF a skilled Healer.

Rent A Raider is on the Proudmoore server we are currently looking to recruit one of the following for the new raid zone:

Resto Shaman with a Ele. OS.
Resto Druid with a Balance OS.
Min. Item level 490+

Current Progress:
MV: 6/6
HoF: 6/6
Toes: 4/4
ToT: 2/12

We are a level 25 guild with a 10 man raid group and are looking to fill up a full time spot.

We raid Wed & Thurs from 6-9pm PST.
Guild repairs on raid nights.

Message or mail Niko, Keegãn, Sloop or Drjones in game if you are interested.
We are an adult guild looking for members 21+.
Bumpin' it one mo again!

Rebuilding a fresh group with veteran raiders most of which acquired multiple realm firsts in prior xpac's!!

Come get your laugh on while we smash some content like the good ole days!

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