Frost Mage PvP Gems: Which? (RBGs)

I curious as to which gems would be best for RBGs mainly. Atm, I am using

Blue - PvP Power
Yellow - PvP Power/Resil
Red - Int/PvP Power

Im mainly going for more Damage for RBGs rather than Resil hoping my heals can keep me up if Im focused.

Also, Which Meta? Im thinking int/+crit bonus

Any advice?

PS - Im a fan of keeping socket bonus.
well, if Smoovie sees this he will bring up that we have so much freedom as far as what to stack in PvP at the moment, and he is correct. from a personal stand point, i prefer to go with resil, resil/int, and resil/power. you will stay alive a lot longer. i used to roll with straight 320 power in all slots except for the head piece for the bonus 180 power. if you want to keep the bonuses then you could go int/power, haste/power or mastery/power, and then just power. that would be pure damage with bonuses.

atm mine is a mix of dmg and resil I guess.

Which meta? and should I be going mastery > haste > crit? Im not sure if crit or haste is better.
well, it depends. haste is the favored one right now it seems, but mastery is still very nice in terms of setting up shatters. for example, in WSG or TP RBGs, you could argue that mastery is better because a 3 stack tank with FB + Deep and all CDs could drop instantly, while in BfG or AB you could argue that haste is better for keeping people off of the flags with NT + Bolt spam + RoF. it varies based on the situation, but you should play what you feel comfortable with. and the meta is the intel/crit until you get 27000 conq points for the season, then the resil/power one.

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