Looking for a new home Lock & Hunter edition

Hello everyone. Talauna and I are newish to the server. Tala having come back to Azeroth and myself moving over from Kirin Tor within the past few months. We are looking for something a little more than a social guild like we are in now. We are EST and mainly on during the evenings, but I do pop on in the mornings sometimes before work. We would love to find a group that we can run scenarios, heroic dungeons, challenge mode dungeons. rare hunt, bone collecting and just overall have a good time with.

Raiding is not a huge priority, but would be nice down the line. We're a little bit late getting into the raiding scene ourselves so we are not looking for a hardcore raid team. So a guild getting a late start as well would be a good fit. Clearing T14 and working towards T15 would be perfect. Getting to see content and clearing normals before the end of the expansion is my goal at least. I do main my warlock here but I have a disc priest and resto/boom druid as well.


Tala should be along shortly. Beware the troll and his stompy direhorn Cera. :P
Hello out there!
As Serofina has stated above I just have recently came back to Azeroth. I left for a short time during the WOTLK and recently pushed myself up to level 90. I am with Serofina in the ideal that we are looking for a guild that have a general overall good time playing and playing as a group.
I still have a bit of progression to do myself as I am just recently breaching the 460 ilvl mark and just now starting the Raid Tier item’s.
If you have any questions for the either of us, please ask away and we will answer what we can.
Consider talking to Itsmynature from Celestial. I hear they're looking to start back up raiding, good group. Not sure what their needs are personally, you'll have to ask him.

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