Rocket Science 10man to 25man

Rocket Science (2/12 ToT) is switching from 10 man to 25 man for Throne progression. Officers have experience on most encounters and core positions are open for healing and DPS. All specs are encouraged to whisper myself, Halo, Solaire or Koralon in game for more information and a possible trial period (no messy online application hassles) but we have special interest in the following:

Resto Shaman
Mistweaver Monk
DPS Warrior
Windwalker Monk
Shadow Priest

A minimum ilvl of 490 is suggested, but possible exceptions can be made for exceptional players in roles we need filled (anyone below 480 need not apply however).

If you are an officer/GM of a 10 man that is also interested in 25, please whisper Halo about possible merging while we still have a large number of slots open
Myself and 4-5 other guildies and are transfering to mal'ganis this coming week and looking for a 25 man raid group. I'm a blood dk/frost offspec with 499 ilvl, prot pally 498, hunter survival/bm 503, 498 mage, rogue or frost dk with dk being 497 and rogue around 493... We did t14 progression and after we downed the 4th boss in HoF our 2 healers left and cant find healers to replace them on our server. We were doing 10m but want to switch to 25m. Let me know what you think, thank you.
Atim, go ahead and add BEDA#1948 as a Battlenet friend so we can chat. It sounds good to me, I'd just like to have Halo, our GM present as well, and have the 3 (or more) of us talk in Mumble or something to get everything sorted out.
Alright, when i get off work tomorrow(5pm mountain) ill get on and my other friends will be on. Look forward to talking and hope it works out.

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