[A] Raid Team LF DK dps

Moon Guard
Hello! We are currently 6/12 in ToT and full clear on all pre-5.2 patch raids with some progression into heroic MSV. Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11PM and going to 2:30 AM. These times are in SERVER time and may be subject to an hour or so change in the future.

Seeking competent, knowledgeable raiders for the raid team.

Currently looking for:

DK Frost DPS

As a raid team we don't require team members to join the guild, but they are more than welcome to do so. We do require a level of maturity, knowledge of your class and the ability to keep on top of your rotations, gemming, reforging and knowing the fights beforehand. We use fatboss guides and prefer askmrrobot.

Vent also required!

If interested or if you have any questions, please respond here or mail/message myself or Arrowshifter in game. :)
Still lookin' for peeps
I 'maaaaay' be able to help out wif DPS, depending on how my schedule works out for the next few weekends.
We're looking for a permanent position. So whenever you find out for sure let us know if you're still interested. :)
I'm amazed that you need melee and not wizards on this server!
Stiiiiiiiiill looking
This is where I put in a funny picture of a seal (the animal, mind you) labelled 'Seal of Approval'. Except I don't have one.

We need raiders.
I would be available to DPS as warrior, though I know you're looking for a monk or a dk. Just throwing it out there if you can't fill the spot by Saturday.
As it stands, we need the tank before melee dps. Our current two melee dps have their last week this weekend.
Good luck to you all! Hope you find some people to fill that gap up. I'm still lurking around.

(Which means I am stalking you, Arrow.)
If you were able to commit I would totally snap you up into the DK slot Zully :P
Still looking for peeps.
Raid tonight.
If you're interested in trying out tonight is the night! We're hitting Throne of Thunder. :)
Another successful night of raiding, still looking for a DK dps.

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