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I'd like to point out a problem in the weekly play-time sheduler, in parental control options (that green calendar). I am unable to select multiple time chunks in a single day. The interface says that I need to play CTRL to do that, but even pressing that key, selecting a time area will erase the previously selected one.

Tested today with Firefox Aurora and Google Chrome, both up-to-date. Google Chrome shows slow performance on that widget.
I, too, am having same problem. I use Google Chrome almost exclusively, and although I did not experience slow performance, the CTRL key does not seem to be working on the website to select multiple time frame ranges, as described by Projetista above.
Already submitted a ticket, they said its a problem already known.

There's a way to circumvent this interface bug using your browser's developer tools. I'll describe the steps assuming Internet Explorer.

1. Open developer tools pressing F12
2. If the calendar is not already shown, make it visible
3. Clicl refresh in the developer's tools (not the page refresh!)
3. In the developer tools search box, type "shedulemonday"

You will be taken to a series of hidden input tags corresponding to each day in the calendar. The "value" attribute contains a number representing the fields selected (programmers: a mask). It is automatically updated every time you click the calendar. It can be edited in the developer's tools (that won't update the calendar view). It works this way:

11:30 PM is a 2^0 = 1
11:00 PM is a 2^1 = 2
10:30 PM is a 2^2 = 4
if both 11:00PM and 11:30 PM are to be marked, the corresponding value will be 1+2 = 3

If you want to get the number corresponding to 2 hour ranges, you can do the following:
- Mark region 1. Hit the refresh button in the developer's tools (not the page refresh!) and search again. Write down the number shown as, say, N1.
- Mark region 2. Rinse, repeat, write down N2.
- The number corresponding to both regions will be N1 + N2.

Manually edit the value fields and submit. As the page is refreshed after the submit, the calendar will be filled with the new ranges.

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