Dear Alliance On the Ilse of Thunder

Bleeding Hollow
I seriously can not wait to hit 90 on this chica and kill Horde.
Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere ;) gonna blow your load at first sight like most juicy hunters?
dear Orion I enjoy your 3 pieces of 493 gear its cute, your gear may be better because its upgraded, but I started playing again this season, so if your going to have a whose got better gear be my if you are gonna get cancer, I hope its painful and fatal...

Your enemy,
04/04/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Ghul
I enjoy

04/04/2013 09:11 AMPosted by Challenger

04/04/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Ghul

04/04/2013 01:30 PMPosted by Ghul

its painful and fatal...
you are the master at this
Dear Mister Nobody Nothing,

I understand that you couldn't wait to write back and defend that hot mess of an armory page, but I advise you to take a step back, empty your drool cup, and take an unbiased view of your page. Congratulations on amassing full welfare gear and 3 pieces of s13 arena gear, though. That's really something to write home about!

Anyways Nobody Nothing, your armory page is disgusting and as much as I am against posting on level nothings, I reccomend you to do that in the future ... especially, before popping off at the mouth.

Your Hero,

Orion the Astral Walker

PS. I look forward to getting in that bum like a dude fresh outta jail.
You both seem Fanny Flustered to me
how is malev welfare, and can you not count, its 4 lol....go back and learn some basic math skills
inb4 -Here we go again
It's welfare gear because you get it with honor. You should have stayed quit, like a smoker.
going dark is ganna be harder than i ever imagined
if honor gear is welfare gear then i would be detroit!
. You should have stayed quit, like a smoker.

lol you should have stayed quit....good insult
Welcome to Bleeding Hollow Ghul
Aww challenger you'd love horde, we're extra cuddly
Hi Ghul, it was nice meeting you and your friends last night.

Did you at least kill the Warbringer??

I tried to take a pretty picture of you, but my guild banner was in the way.

Sorry, i will get a better pic next time, i am still new to the game.
lol you should have stayed quit....good insult

Wasn't an insult, was a suggestion. The last thing Horde needs is another try hard, popping off at the mouth. I mean, they have Poopart now.

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