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Moon Guard
That's right you don't know who we are! I am Plathert Tinklelead I am leader of SAFE Operations. I have experience as a RPer and as a Guild master. Though many of you don't know us SAFE stands for Survivor Assistance Facilitation Expedition. We are looking for anyone to join us. We have uniforms as you can see from my Portrait of my Character and will start handing them out when we get a good surplus of them.
If you have any ideas on how we can improve on our uniform, the Guild as a whole or anything at all please feel free to post on this thread.

P.S: I'm looking to buy the any and all Shimmering Trousers, Gloves, Armor, Shoes, Belts, and Bracers.
Best o' luck teh yeh wee ones an' yer ventures!
BTW We are looking for members for our Heavy Gnomeregan Guild. Plus you get this awesome outfit.. well most of it.....
I do have a gnome that would defiantly be interested in joining, if your recruiting!
Bump for a fun RPer ^_^
I am recruiting @Dawran
It was fun @ Tinkaba.

And bump! We are looking for everyone and we have opened a disease research lab group just mail me ingame for an invite
What has happened to you and your S.A.F.E. Operations?

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