Account Wide Reputation yes or no and why?


All they need to is make the old tabbards obsolete and spread the current panda rep system to include ALL the other reputations.

the only exception i might make to this would be 'friends', and those that include the special achievements like 'insane' and the one for aldor+scryer.

I say yes. However, only obsolete reps (prior to the current expansion). This will further encourage old content as players can rep up on different toons.

For raid reps they could cap it per week account wide to keep it as long a grind.

Not sure how Bloodsail rep would work with this.
Non current rep I can agree with. Then I could send all these freaking lockboxes to my human.
This idea is so absurd that I'm surprised it's still being discussed.

Maybe specific reputations have issues that ought to be addressed, but that hardly justifies completely destroying the whole reputation system.
How is it remotely absurd? I have Toon A with 49 exalted reputation. I no longer play that toon, so you want me to regrind 3 expansions worth of rep while mount collectors, HK farmers and everything else is shared?

The only thing absurd is that it wasn't included with achievement sharing when it first was out. I've grinded the rep, it's not like you're getting it for free. It doesn't destroy any system, it only does what Blizzard didn't like before... the fact people felt obliged or force to stick to one character because it had their good mounts, achieves etc.
Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the account-wide situation.

However, I would not be opposed to exalted factions counting towards achievements. (Not "shared reputation -- my alts should not be able to purchase items requiring Shado-Pan Assualt Honored just because this toon does.)

Reason is that this toon was an alt. I started him in Vanilla when I was in a group with a Boomkin. Looked so cool that I just had to have a Druid. But this druid was always just an alt. Never worked any Vanilla factions because i dinged 58 and went right to Outland. Never worked any TBC rep because I hit 68 and went to Northrend. Barely worked WotLK rep because I only did a little raiding in WotLK. Did the bare minimum in Cata, because I wasn't raiding on this toon in Cata.

But my old main ... I liked grinding rep on him. He maxed out a handful of Vanilla reps. He lusted after TBC rep. He obsessed over WotLK reps. If a faction could be worked in Cata, he did it. Last summer, he got the 40 Rep "The Exalted" title.

I'd like to get the 45 reps, 50 reps acheivements. But I don't want to play my old main. And I don't want to spend any time on this toon killing Twilight Cultists in Silithus for Cenarion rep.

All I ask, and I think this is reasonable, is for reps to be counted together. Take the 45 that my old main got. Add in the additional ones I've gotten on this toon since.

** And have exclusion rules -- for example, as Scryer/Aldor were mutually exclusive, a toon with Scryer and a toon with Aldor doesn't count as two reps.
Basically what kerranggaroo said about the "my old toon i don't play anymore has those reps that my new main i play doesn't have." Thats basically my situation I'm in too. I don't enjoy my old main so it's been on a self doing nothing but has 40+ reps BUT my main I play (when I have time)has all the newer reps. If the counter of exhaulted reps could count the 40+ my old main has and the newer reps that my main I play has, I'd be alot closer too " The Beloved " title. I SERIOUSLY can't stand my old main and don't want to go grind all the rep over again that my current main has.

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