Mistweaver soloing while leveling O.o

Hey guys! Quick question

I just turned 85 and am doing MoP stuff. I am having some issues soloing as MW any more though. I used to be able to do it quite easily and it was pretty strong and fun but all of the sudden I am have serious mana issues!

Jab costs so much I tend to run our of mana after killing like 3 or 4 mobs now. Mana Tea charges used to be able to keep up with me when I actually needed mana, but now it doesn't even come close.

Is MW solo leveling just not an option at this point? Or am I missing something and just have to invest heavily in water now? O.o
As long as u are always using tp after jab you should be getting decent mana back. If you forget to use tp and start hitting jab too many times in a row then you will definitely run out of mana.
I've leveled 3 mw monks so far, first two were before the mana changes and it was all jab, spinning crane kick and blackout kick, with the last one I had to really change my solo leveling methods, I found the best way was by glyphing lightning and mana tea, that really helped solve the mana issues, use chi wave, lightning, throw in a blackout kick when you can to build mana tea and drink it every time you have two charges and that should take care of most of the mana issues :)
You have other ways to generate Chi. remember to cast RnM on yourself and to use Expel Harm. EH is actually the cheapest chi you can buy. Next to it is SCK if you have 3 or more enemies. SCK costs less mana than Jab and will generate the chi AND muscle memory if there are 3+ mobs there. I often find myself in a rotation of SCK EH BoK - SCK TP - Jab BoK -SCK TP and so on for packs of 3+ mobs. . Just remember you have more ways to generate chi than jab alone and don't give up. At 490 ilvl as a MW I have no fear pulling 10+ mobs at a time doing the new dailys. Always walk away with loot, gold, and full life.
it is entirely possible to solo level still on mistweaver. I had issues doing it before i got realyl panda geared, but thats a problem with all classes i find once you enter panda-land. Actually it only became easier after the changes, (though avoid using jab as long as you can, its still not enough to make it a main chi generator.)

it might mean you have to go a bit slower, but boqus pretty much hit the nail on the head. In my own experience, my mistweaver spec does a better job tanking scenarios then my brewmaster, thats not a great achievement, but it is a little telling.
I think soloing now as MW is way easier than it was before. The rotation is boring as hell, but I mean as long as you are doing it right you are not losing any more mana and are doing a lot more damage. I mean it's simple, Expel Harm and Chi Wave on CD, then Jab TP over and over. Use Mana Tea every time you generate 2 charges. I also found while leveling 85-90 that our AOE was amazing. I mean you can literally pull 5-10 mobs and just Spinning Crane Kick, Spinning Crane Kick, Blackout Kick, rinse and repeat. As long as you are not afraid of using your healing CD's you will be fine. MW leveling is fine.
With muscle memory I'm definitely giving this a thumbs up. How it compares to WW/BM is hard to say; I leveled brewmaster because of their ridiculous aoe ability. But MW has very strong single-target and even decent aoe thanks to their specialized BoK.

I can't offer personal experience, but on paper it seems like it's certainly viable.

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