Potential transfer & looking...

Hi! I am looking to transfer in order to get back to a higher populated realm. I have done some research on the Sargeras server and it looks pretty good. I would be looking for a guild as well, and here is what I am looking for:

*Adult 18+
*Laid back, tight knit and friendly
*I enjoy raiding, however I am not looking for hardcore raiding. I can do 2-3 nights a week; Sunday - Thursday 7pm-10pm and Friday - Sat anytime. (Those are in realm times)
*Horde or Ally are fine. I don't mind a faction change if the guild seems to be the right fit.

My specs are resto/ele. I feel like I make the most out of my time with the game. I started this toon almost 2 1/2 weeks ago and have worked hard to get it raid ready. I do have raid exp on other toons, however would really like to make this toon my main now. I look forward to hearing from you and if your interested please leave me a reply or hit me up in game! My real id is: Präyer#1401
Not biased here, but I hear the <Acquired Taste> is a pretty solid adult, social/casual guild.

Think they have a guild recruiting post on the front page too. You should check it out...

Hello there! Our guild recently transferred here too and have been together for 8 years. Two of our 10 man teams run during times you are available.

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