T14 Ret Paladin 4pc Set Bonus?

Is the T14 4pc Set bonus for Ret the shorter avenging wrath cooldown, or the 10% increase in judgement/seal damage?

Most forums say/talk as if it is the AW cooldown, but all the DB's say its the increase in judgement/seal damage (though, it refers to T10 set bonus)

Most forums you're reading that speak of the reduced Wings CD are probably old - dated long before 5.2. With 5.2, Wings was made a baseline 2min CD for Ret only, so our 4pT14 was changed to 10% Seal/Judgment damage.

Side note: seriously, what the hell is it with Paladin related forums and posters not being able to check dates on posts?
I was just checking for 5.0 and later posts. I checked for changes (via search) and didn't find any changes (guess used wrong search terms). And I haven't kept up with Paladins as I only just got this to 90 a couple weeks ago and just now looking at gearing this guy up a little

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