Thoughts on builds for soloing old content?

Hi all,

I'd like to start running some old raids for vanity and transmog items on my lock, and was curious if anyone has thought about ideal builds for doing that content? I'm guessing the limit of soloable content will be bosses in early tier Lich King raids, like Naxx (I've done most of the bosses in Naxx with by Blood DK).

There seem to be a few potential ways to go, either with pet tanking or with demo and the glyph of demon hunting, although I'm not sure which would be more viable. Even then there are a lot of details I have no clue about. For example, if pet tanking is the way to go, would it be better to use soul link and lots of self healing for the higher effective health pool, or if it would be better to heal the demon directly? Then which spec? Soul shards allow me to give big heals to my pet, while embers can be used to self heal. If demo glyph tanking is the way to go, would it be better to again use soul link for the larger effective health pool, or try to essentially dual tank with myself and blueberry, or use sac to shield myself four times?

And then what about glyphs!? Thanks for your thoughts.
I hit Naxx 25, Trial of the Crusader 25, Ulduar 10, and most LK 10 in what i'm in / spec'd now.

Some fights I'll switch to demo and soul link with a wrathguard, or i'll soul link or sac pets as needed as destro, it's pretty situational, but 480+ you should be able to handle 25 naxx and pretty much all content prior to that.

I'm gonna punch into some of the other lk content soon and try it out, some of it's annoying solo [flame leviathan in 25 ulduar comes to mind], but might be best to duo for some of it still.
Thanks, Modi. I'll check out your build. What's the hardest part to you about solo'ing that content? Any thoughts on how you managed the horsemen? That was a tough fight for me in 5.1 on my DK.
Four horseman are easy, I took a while because I wanted the achieve for killing them all within 15 seconds and I still wasn't close to dying at all. I used soul link+soul leech for all of naxx 25 pretty much, no bosses can do enough to hurt you through it, on thaddius I did hit enrage, but I had a 470k soul leech shield and full shield on my voidwaker so it was fine, it did start lowering a bit but he died before doing any damage to me, if you don't do over 60k dps he could possibly hurt you.

Everything else is easy, I died a few times on kel'thuzad, but he is bugged, you can die and resurrect with soulstone and it will reset the soulstone cooldown without him resetting so you can do that over and over until he dies if you have to, once he summons pets you can get enough embers to never be in danger though. Gluth just keep all zombies on you, you have plenty of time, soul leech will cover his damage so healing debuff is meaningless, when they all get low hp and aggro to gluth shadowburn them before they get there.
I always run the following build for old soloing:

Harvest Life
Mortal Coil
Soul Link
Burning Rush
Grimoire of Sacrifice
Mannoroth's Fury

Harvest Life is a great filler spell, generates good fury and heals for a good amount. Mortal Coil gives a free self heals, Soul Link/GrimofSac is a no-brainer, Burning rush to clear the instance faster, Mannoroth's Fury just because I like it.

For glyphs:

Demon Hunting
Drain Life

Demon Hunting is the superior option for tanking stuff, obviously, Drain Life for increased Harvest Life healing, Healthstone because everyone gets that and it's epic.

(This was all from 5.0 in before Pandaland opened up, except for Drain Life glyph.)

EDIT: This is all assuming Demonology specced.
I've done a bunch of soloing as affliction/demo, and the only benefit I like from this end is soulburn: health funnel (36% hp instantly and 30% damage reduction for 10 sec). I've been soloing things as destro with soul leech, and it's been stupidly good. Soul leech stacks up a shield so well on your pet as destro that you almost never have to heal it, and you take no damage yourself because of the same ability. Ember tap is there for when you need heals (screw drain life!), and never having to life tap is wonderful.

Other talents I've been using with destro:

Shadow Fury/Mortal Coil (depends on fight)
Dark Bargain/Sacrificial Pact (again, depends)
Burning Rush (because I need more speed boosts as a worgen eng, for sure /sarcasm)
Supremacy (though I go Sac for fights with instagib nontank mechanics, such as ice block on KT or Bone Spike on Marrowgar)
Mannoroth's Fury (unless lots of movement, then KJC)


Demon Training
Conflag (not really important, but I always have it glyphed)
Siphon Life (miniscule heals, but meh)
Full on destro. If the boss has ridiculous stacking damage on tanks, VW pet, otherwise, Grimoire of Sacrifice. Soul Leech all the time, nothing is better in PvE content than a passively stacking damage absorb bubble.

I usually went:
Soul Leech
Shadowfury/Mortal Coil is matter of preference
Soul Link
Burning Rush to get through things faster/Unbound Will if you need a strong self-dispel besides Sacrificing the Imp
Grimoire of Sacrifice for things you can facetank, Grimoire of Supremacy for the things you can't.
Last tier is all optional, movement, AoE, or puny amounts of backlash damage for bonus damage.

Glyph of Ember Tap
Glyph of Healthstone
Last major glyph is personal preference, Conflagrate is more useful for PvP than anything but sometimes snaring all of the things is nice, Demon Training if you are using Grimoire of Supremacy for a void tank, or Siphon Life for simply a little extra self-healing.

Only 'difficult' fights to clear alone in ICC10 would be Gunship (Between controlling guns and clearing both boats) and the impossibility that is healing Valithria unless for some reason you have Rejuvenation from Symbiosis/Lilypad, in which case it will just be a long, and boring fight.

For most soloing content, I still prefer destruction over 'tanking' things in Demonology because of two things: Burst damage is higher with destro, and the bubble from Soul Leech builds in powerful increments. Going into ICC10 with 800k HP, regenerating 2% of that every 5 seconds, and shielding yourself for 10~50k every cast is nothing to scoff at. Not to mention: Ember Tap. It's a pretty powerful 'oh !@#$' button when clearing out old content.

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