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<No Fun Allowed> is recruiting for 10 man raiding Throne of Thunder! We're a newly transferred group of people from Maelstrom. The population started to deteriorate in late Cataclysm and the need to fill roles became a hassle in the beginning of MoP. We're currently in need of a Tank and a Healer. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday, from 8pm-11pm server. Last tier we managed to go 5/16 heroic, and in the current tier, we were 3/12 normal before deciding to make the move to Sargeras.

We're laid back and fun to get along with. When it comes time to raid, we do expect some seriousness, as we only get together 6 hours in a given week.

Type of Tank needed: Blood DK
Type of healer(s) needed: Mistweaver Monk, Shaman, or Restoration Druid

People to contact in game: Fayt (battletag = Fayt#1129), Thêory (alt code on the e = 136), or Pallyhax.
Welcome to Sargeras.
Welcome to the server!
504 Ilvl Resto Shaman. I have been raiding since BC and during this expansion I have gone 9/16hm and 6/12 ToT
Currently looking for a new home and saw your post send me a tell in game at Chinadol or add me at zestydads#1209 if your interested in a resto shaman
Hope to hear from you
Thanks! If you're still free we'd love to bring you in. I sent you an in game mail as well.
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wtb blood dk/brewmaster tank and mistweaver/rsham/rdruid healer pls.

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