[A] End Game 10m LFM

End Game a level 25 guild is recruiting for our 10m raid team we raid Mon/Wed 6pm PST. We got a very late start into the expansion and we are looking for some good players who know their class, and are commited in moving through this expansion.

While we understand real life is important we do expect 90% raid attendance. At this very moment we are looking for some Dps (mage/warlock) a tank, and 1 healer (restor shaman) We started in HoF (2/6) and we want to push through HoF/Toes quick and get right into ToT as quick as possible. ilvl 475+

If your not interested in raiding and want a place to to just hang out your more than welcome.

Leave me a msg if interested, thanks :)
Bump for a restor shaman with ele OS- guaranteed spot in raid
Bump Looking for 1 tank (non DK), 1 RDps (non hunter) and a Restor Shaman with Ele OS who can show up for raids and not go MIA.. moving into ToT soon if we can get the right people

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