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Im thinking of transferring here and faction changing, of course, just seeing if there is anyone recruiting a Blood DK and a Bear tank. Im currently down 1 profession but lvling it through AH and will be 600 asap. My Bear is an al i am gearing he is about 500 Ilvl atm (in tank spec). I have a long raiding history dating back to classic WoW add NickVerga#1416 for a detailed history of guilds/raiding history or if you could just leave a comment below and ill get back with you asap also my Warrior im gearing up for Prot as well still in blue's but im working hard to get this fixed
<RETARSION> is a group of mature raiders, with the same mindset,and want to kill every boss before any boss is nerfed. We also play this game to compete, meaning our goal for now is to finish fairly high in US rankings while maintaining a fun environment.

We are currently 1/13 Heroic with SOLID attempts on Horridon (Tort/Ji-kun we decided to put off even though on ten they are actually easier for our comp)

Raid Times: (All times are in EST)
Wednesday: 1am-5am
Thursday: 1am-5am
"(Friday)": 1am-5am (This day will be used the first 2 weeks of new tiers, meaning we will clear normal modes the first week, and start heroic modes the following week) Basically, this day will only be used 6 times per expansion.

Recruitment Needs:

Feral Druid Tank - Low
Pally Tank - HIGH
DK Tank - Medium
Monk Tank- HIGH
Warrior Tank- HIGH

James#12412 ~Popamolly
<Clique> has an immediate core spot for a tank in our 10m raid group. Raid times are Mon-Tue-Thurs 8pm-11pm Central time.

<Cry of Luna> is also looking for a tank to join us for a new ToT 10 group starting this Wed night, 11:30PM-2:30AM Central/Server; we've been running groups since Ulduar, and we've recently brought our guild and several good friends to Mal'Ganis in order to raid in a place where it's easier to recruit folks.

We were the top 10 man guild on our old server, clearing everything on normal mode while it was current and working into heroic modes (2/12H down, with experience on several other fights). You can see our progress for the last tier here:

With that said, we're after quality players. Because we are set on heroic mode raiding, it's important that you can pick up new mechanics quickly. It's also very important to us that you can function as a team player, and get along well with your new co-tank.

You can find me on Battle Tag: Faeylin#1905
Almost 490 on Warrior tank, should be 500~ this week

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