show your trasmog!

Who has the best monk trasmo?
I need the shoulders from 25 man Kologarn in uld and mine will be done
Me, you have to imagine my weapons looking like blue light sabers...Armory just shows the handles.
Blue lightsabers. . .
Edit: fixed my xmog.

Looks awesome imo.
I really like mine. Thinking of making a 2nd set that would go with the pink axe from Al'ar.
Druid I is ...
Haithur. :3
I like Vinyls I have the same axes almost used em to.
Stand aside peasants, if they ever allow us to actually use weapons visually i may get to 90.
No transmog yet but still looking pretty awesome :)
I need another wep that I can change to a sword.
This is the only piece I need for my mog:

I might do something about my gloves as well.
I really love the shado-pan helm, no matter how overused it is, I love the design of it.

Although I have put some work into this t-mog as it is, if I didn't have anything else, I would probably have gone with a shado-pan look
Drop my blindfold already, Illidan!
I kinda get tired of seeing cursed vision of sargeras on every other monk
Oh um...hi
Okay. I'm here. You can all go home now. :D

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