[A] LFM for Core Raid Group

Guild just transferred to this server from a server that was almost all Horde. Looking to fill in a few holes in our core raid group. We got a late start in raiding this X-pac, so we are 2/6 in HoF10 currently. We are an older guild/raid group, been together for quite awhile, and guild membership isn't required to be part of the raid group. We raid once a week on Saturday from 9pm-12:30am EST. For all of those that work the Mon-Fri 8-5 schedule, we feel your pain.

Right now, we need a second tank, a dps, and a healer. Hit me or Bitterwidget in game or with a letter, or post if if interested. We are looking to quickly fill the holes with reliable people so we can catch up to current raid content and clear it before the next patch.

We are not hardcore raiders, but we are competent and have a good time. We all already have one job, we don't need two if you know what I mean.

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