Looking for a place to call home

Area 52
Good morning everyone!

After many months of wandering alone or from places to places, I once again find myself looking for a place to call home. I've looked at the many, many guild recruitment posts in this forum and quite honestly, none of them seem to fit the mold of what I'm looking for. As much as I enjoy raiding like any other WoW player, it's not my main focus in this game. I enjoy all the things Blizzard is throwing at us, and it seems hard to find like minded people these days.

Well, on this forum anyway! :)

Been playing on and off since Vanilla on different characters, accounts and guilds. Usually finding one I like best, only to have it transfer, dissolve or simply become inactive.

I like to think I'd bring a positive energy to any guild. That and a funny Canadian accent.

Anyone out there looking for a lonely canuck?
Greetings Berothien!

I would love the opportunity to talk to you about <Blood and Chrome>. We are a guild based on getting to know each other and having a great time while enjoying the game together. We have a lot of people that love helping others and doing everything from achievements, pvp, raiding, and anything else our members can suggest. We really enjoy doing new things and getting to know new people.

As an added bonus we also have a good number of Canadian members. :)

Please get a hold of me in game if you have any questions or check out our website: bloodandchrome.enjin.com

My battletag is: Senza#1813
Hey there,

We're a relatively small, close knit guild. We do raid and pvp, but so do most of the guilds on Area 52. I like to think that our little group is kind of awesome though. We're not a 'Sure, we'll powerlevel your alt!' kind of group (though they help each other out), but if you want to get drunk and complain on Mumble about how you can't catch a pet then we might suit you well enough. We have a few people in the guild as socials who just stay to hang out with us, come into the occasional raid/alt run, make fun of my accent and the like.

If you want, nudge me in-game (battletag Coraloralyn#1561) and throw an alt in with us and see if we fit. The only real reason I still play (I started in 2006 myself) is because I enjoy the people I play with. Lucky enough to be guilded with a bunch of people who don't make me want to delete my toon, so it might work for you too. Offer's there to talk or have a look though, either way. You seem literate as well, so if it's a bonus... there's no one in guild who should make your eyes bleed by tlkng lyk dis?
Thanks a lot to both of you! It's great to see that people like you do exist!

I'll look at the options and whisper someone in-game. Thank you for your time and the opportunity! :)

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