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Glad to hear I'm not the only one that thinks the Isle of Giants is just a massive grindfest that's not worth it. :T Rather presumptuous to say we've got so many reasons to go to the Isle of Giants, eh, Crithto?

Eh, there are plenty of reasons *if you are interested*. Not so much, if not. The raptor eggs for the mounts, the zandalari raptor pets, the hunter taming book (if applicable; also the tameable dinosaurs), Oondasta, the white raptor from 9999 bones, and of course the Spectral Porcupette. 5.3 seems to be adding a direhorn baby pet to the Isle as well.

Plus, Jurassic Park is cool! :P

My friend has farmed 17,000 bones. Has never seen a single egg drop.
Where do you pick up the quest? Or do you just harvest the bones then it shows up?

On the isle of giants, there is a cave with an unusual troll. When you gather a certain amount of bones, you can turn them into to said troll for a reward. Not a quest you pick up, just turn the items in when you get there. The pet in question is one of the larger investments.
if you make your way to the ship on the east coast. there is an npc that drops 1000 rep point badges for various fractions. he spawns about every 30 min.. takes a dungeon group to do him.. and there are lots of dino mancers there to farm bones and the little critters from.. very active for a group of five.
Why is something telling me to do brawlers guild and reach rank 4 just to be on the safe side. I don't got a good feeling about next weeks challenge.
I couldn't give two flips about the silly cricket; I just want the achievement because it's... y'know... there. It's like once you get past thirty or so 25s you can't not go for it.

Oh totally, I'm at like 57 or 58 and it's just another pet to get but I wish the pets we got from that achievement were something really special, yeknow? Stinker is good because he's a Power breed, not that he's unique he just has a lot of atk, Nuts is just another squirrel model, nothing special at all, Venus is unique but he's not really all that good, and his model just seems really....I dunno the word(trying not to be ungrateful)just not very thought out well, you know Singing Sunflower looked like it took a ton of effort, and it was adorable mode to the max, Venus is just....there. This completely surprises me because out of the Pet store pets Lil' Rag is a monster, a literal monster, he has iirc the highest atk of any pet in the game, he has so many ridiculously good abilities and the others are ok but Lil' Rag is one of those mainstays in my rotation because of his power.

As for using a powerball comp, you really wanna focus less on what the abilities are and what they counter, so if you wanna run a powerball comp you'd throw him in with your Darkmoon Rabbit and crush the Crystalsong Forest tamer, who uses all undead, though honestly Spectral Porcupette is nothing compared to Red Cricket who also has high attack and can crush that comp almost solo, his heal is very strong as well.

I'm not discounting Powerball it's a strong ability and if you can find a Power version of a beast or critter with that(preferably a beast so the only thing that counters it is mechanical)it would be amazing, you wouldn't need the speed you'd just chain powerball the guy to death and always go first because of the speed buff. Plus since he's power he'd have high atk so the ability would do a lot of dmg.

And speaking on the wall that Porcupette does, while it is strong, I found Mr. Bigglesworth to be a stronger pet using a similar ability, and more of an organized flow, you drop wall, drop frozen orb and swap in your counter, they block 2 attacks, take the stun and massive dmg from orb and it's GG.
I farmed it, sold it for 4k gold on the AH at level 1
Yeah, the wall which blocks friendly attacks is pretty niche. You can perform a swap and a self-buff but there's nothing you can set up in advance or use it in conjunction with from the pet which casts it.
I can't bring myself to farm 999 bones.

Doing it in a party is pointless because the bones aren't shared. You go faster soloing the mini-dinos for 9-10 bones each than you do in a group of 5 killing the big dinos for 30-40 bones, considering you need to kill 5 of them to get everyone the same amount of bones.

And honestly, taking ~3 minutes per dino for 9-10 bones just isn't worth it.

I want that pet.. but.. this post sums up how I feel about it.
I have about 820 bones right now. e_e
At first I thought this would be a fun way to kill some time, and escape the drudgery of dailies. Then I spent a few hours on it and realized it is just another p.i.t.a. grind. Not putting this stuff down, just saying it is not for me. After collecting 150+ mounts for the last mount collecting achievement, and 400+ pets for that achievement, I no longer have the patience for grinding out more pets and mounts.

On the other hand, I might be more interested if all this Zandalari stuff tied into the Zandalar Tribe rep. Would like to finish that one, and the current content seems to be a great opportunity.
I got the pet it's pretty cool looking for a hedgehog compared to the other ones and it has some unique moves. For PvP I'm not sure where it would fall other than a darkness team.

As far as grinding goes I would suggest the bones be account wide and shared to the entire party similar to Domination Point Commissions.
looking for a recruitee for recruit a friend
Can't kill anything except the small dinos and humanoids, slowly. Was in a Oohdanasty raid and the ones we pulled to clear the beach would only give bones to whoever clicked it first. Died to almost 200g repairs and gave up.

No likey the place.

Well, maybe I should try again since I got a few upgrades lately and our new Insanity spell. Hate grind-collecting doodads, give me a headache. But that's a "sure thing" as opposed to killing Kael every week for no mount. =P
As if you needed another reason to spend time on the Isle of Giants...

ANOTHER?? How about ANY reason to go there? So far I've seen no quests indicating the Isle exists. From running around there I've seen no compelling reason to hang out there. I could be completely off-base in my assessment of the isle, but it hearkens back to the days of Vanilla WOW when there were areas populated by nothing BUT elites for quest that you had to have a group in order to complete (i.e. be in a huge guild) or else be so much higher in level so as to even your chances. Now that they've made raids accessible to many more players, I guess they feel they need to have content in the game that only highly geared people can manage.
I came, I saw , I left... because it was BORING!

As if you needed another reason to spend time on the Isle of Giants...

This week we're featuring the [url=""]Spectral Porcupette[/url]! How many of you have been able to farm up enough Giant Dinosaur Bones to earn this lil' feller? And if you have this pet, share with us how it fares in Pet Battles.
I farmed it, sold it for 4k gold on the AH at level 1

That just barely covered your repaid bills from farming, it, right?
Ppl actually go there? I spend about 10 hrs a week on this game and I don't even know how to get there, I was close once so I tried to fly over and I started to get fatigue and almost died, closest I've came so far. I remember Isle of Quel'danas or whatever it was called, ppl actually went there, and it was fun. I hardly see anyone on the new zone on my friends/guild list and never hear anyone talking about it...
As an owner of the Ivory Raptor, I hate you.

IRL bro.
As if you needed another reason to spend time on the Isle of Giants...

This week we're featuring the [url=""]Spectral Porcupette[/url]! How many of you have been able to farm up enough Giant Dinosaur Bones to earn this lil' feller? And if you have this pet, share with us how it fares in Pet Battles.

I know you get paid to this stuff, so I don't take it personally.

But I have NO reason to go to dinosaur island. I've also barely bothered with the "magical" Isle of Thunder.

Since 5.2 launched, I've taken mostly to leveling alts. 5.2 has nothing to offer you if you don't raid. In fact, raid or die seems to be the philosophy of this expansion. Either you raid, or you have to settle for content intended for people who want WoW to be a solo zergfest (i.e. scenarios). Nothing for the people in the middle.
I please i have the 10000 bone mount, the pet is easymode

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