Its the little things..

So this morning I was doing a "Senario", there was a priest and a warrior in the group. This was the arena one where you fight a bunch of bosses one at a time after hitting the gong to start. We were doing pretty well until the last boss. Both the priest and the warrior die and the mob was down to about 20%. Me and my pet finished him in about 5 minutes.

Just draining life, nuking.. and staying alive.

My gear is a mess, my dps sucks, I just came back 7 weeks ago.. but I sure picked the right class to stay with I think.

It made my day... today.. in just a small way... I was a hero LOL.

Coulda cut a few minutes off that 5 (and still been a hero) if you'd brezzed one of 'em. Not sure how long you've been away, but your soulstone does that now...
Demonology 4 lyf
Gtfo, SS is a B-rez now too? Holy crap, my mind is blown.
yeah.. wow.. I did not know that SS was a brez... my fail...

but good to know for next time.
Yep and you can glyph it to make it a 100% hp Brez!

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