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I've tried digging around for a list of which lock races are best and even Elitist Jerks didn't have anything to show what should be played. I'm looking to level a Warlock to 90 with the sole intention of PvE at the moment and PvP as something on the side.

In those regards which race has the highest potential damage output in a PvE/Raid enviroment overall? I wasn't sure if it was Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, or Undead.

Orcs have two racials that help alot in Blood Fury and Command. Then again Trolls have Berserking which has always been a favorite of mine and I wasn't sure how the on command haste stacked up for Warlocks. Goblins have the always on 1% cast speed which I didn't really think would be something amazing but worth noting, and Undead have the chance on cast to proc their new shadow damage / heal. I wasn't aware if anything Warlocks currently had that increased shadow damage would work on that as well.

Any help is appreciated, snarky answers not so much.
I'm fairly certain that it varies from spec to spec (e.g. Orc is best for Demo, but for Affliction or Destruction, it may be Troll or Goblin) with Orc probably being best overall, though I'm not a 100% certain.
Orc is probably best now that Supremacy is better than Sacrifice. Pet damage and a SP cooldown are pretty damn great.

Troll is a close second with Berzerking, would be better than Orc on certain bosses due to Beast Slaying.

Goblin is a bit meh, 1% Haste isn't that great. Rocket jump can be useful.

Undead's new proc is nice, but it's not enough to come close to Orc/Troll. However they, imo, make the best Warlocks when you look at the 'badass' side of things.
Unless you're going to race change for every boss, you'll probably be better off with a Troll.

While Deviance DOES have a point with Orcs Blood Fury + Command outweighing Berserking (but not by a whole lot), having a free 5% extra damage on half the bosses in ToT absolutely SMASHES any other racial.
Go gnome or go home.

For horde I would say Troll is beast for affliction but Orc (especially since the nerf to GoSac) is also very good for all 3 specs. An orc is also more ''warlockish'' than a troll to me. Goblin is just meh... And undead looks so cool :o
Troll is the top simming race once you get RPPM trinkets and the legendary meta gem due to how strong they make haste.

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