Possibly looking to call Sargeras home.

Hi there! My husband and I are looking into xferring to this server. All the threads I have seen include raid teams starting at about 7pm. Are there any raid teams looking for more, that start about 10pm? Personally, I'm not looking to transfer for a couple more weeks, just doing a little research atm. TIA!
To add a little more to this; I mostly run as shadow, can heal as disc if needed, but definitely prefer shadow. Hubby is an arms warr, I know "fury" is supposedly best, but he prefers arms and can definitely hold his own. We also like to pvp together quite often. It's possible that I also know a few people looking to transfer here as well. Mostly curious about how active raiding is during the later evening hours.
There are definitely guilds that raid at all hours of the day. Whether it's early afternoon or late evening, you can more than likely find a guild that fits your needs here.
Thank you very much!
Pyre raids 9 Server (central time). We could use you both! We got a late start in mists so we are a little behind on progression compared to other guilds but the important thing is we are progressing every week!
Thank you Shiblom. 9 pm is a little early for me, as I am usually putting little ones to bed at that time. Going to be xferring next week though!

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