SET showspelleffect??

Very late one night I was watching some WoW videos and came across one that some guy was talking about adding a line in the config that resulted in a mage's Blizzard spell effect being visually changed via setting it to something like 125 or 150... and he used a higher number to show so many it was a blur of white. Changing the number changed the number of falling ice shards. The one he was touting looked much better than the default one.

Granted, I was half asleep so the memory is fuzzy, but I gave it a shot today and am not getting the same results. Can anyone tell me where I am going wrong? AND for the life of me I can not remember where I had seen this on youtube! The line I'm using is:

SET ShowSpellEffect "150"
May have been an old video, I don't think that works anymore... I remember using that script during BC
It still works, but I believe you have to open a settings file to enable it first. Make sure WoW is closed out first, then enter your WTF folder and open up with something like Notepad. At the very bottom, write this:

SET spellEffectLevel "10"

10 is the default setting, so nothing will happen yet. Save and close the file, open up WoW, then copy-paste this into your chat line.

/console spellEffectLevel 100

Your Blizzard should now be 10x as thick as before. You can change the number at any time by pasting it again and changing the number. Cranking it up too high will butcher your framerate, so be careful. Lowering the number can reduce the AoE clutter as well.

Abilities I've seen this affect are...Blizzard, Death and Decay (looks like spaghetti sauce at 500+), Rain of Fire, Healing Rain, Hurricane/Astral Storm (this one can MURDER your client). Could affect some NPC abilities but I've never fiddled with this during a raid, so use it as your own risk.
Ah, thanks so very much! Obviously, I had the command a tad fubabed. I DO remember him changing it several times via the console command... indeed that one was absent from the config file, so one does have to set it up there first. I'm guessing that using the console command means that value will get written to the config file... yup, tested that notion and it sure holds true!

Again, late last night I realized I should be able to find that video and I sure did. "Higher than Ultra Graphics for World of Warcraft" in search should find it. There's a bunch more stuff in there, including a link to a reddit thread listing all the console commands.
Played around a bit, 75 seems to be a very god value to use. Looks TONS better and I DO know it's 100% psychological, but it also seems stuff goes down faster!
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